31 december 2012

Mice-nests and New Years Eve

The last day of the year 2012. The last page in my diary as well. Time to start on a new fresh book and a new fresh year.
Another metaphor: Ingvar and Phil are working hard on finding and cleaning out mouse nests in the car. For 2 days they taken a part half(exaggerated) of the car to find and clean out the mess these little terrors have made. Half decomposed mice have the most dreadful smell. 

I read from Luke 6:45 ‘’ A good man out of the good treasure(storeroom) of his heart, brings forth good, and an evil man out of the  treasure(storeroom) of his heart brings forth evil. For out of the abundance of the heart his mouth(or facebook or twitter or, or...) speaks .’’
This doesn’t make up a complete picture though, but I believe we sometimes keep things in the storeroom of our heart, little things which we haven’t allowed the grace of God to touch. Little irritations, anger, disappointments, broken dreams, grudges etc, etc. 

To spend a little time asking God to reveal our little smelly mice-nests, clean them out, carry the mess to the cross. Then allow the storerooms to be filled with Gods grace and fresh wind of heaven instead (the wind is blowing through the car at the moment). That will help us get a good start on a new year 2013.
With Love Anna

26 december 2012

Be & Have shepherds/leaders....

Nice to be together as a family. We miss Tabitha, Sophie, Beatrice and Benjamin. This morning Ruth with family (and Richard a friend of Niklas) started their journey to Sweden, but Anna and I will stay a few more days here in Mondulkiri.

Shepherds/pastors/leaders and Christmas goes together. It's good to have time during the Christmas and New Year to think, hear words of wisdom from other people and from God. Mondulkiri is a good place for this.

"... the shepherds said to one another ...."

We are all shepherds/leaders in different areas and different ways to each other. Sometimes we do not realize that people around us look up to us and in different ways follow us. Jeremiah 3:15 came alive for me ... the other day.

“And I will give you shepherds according to My heart, who will feed you with knowledge and understanding.”

My first thought was, "God give me this type of shepherds/pastors/leaders who have Your heart and feed me with knowledge and understanding. And of course the promises of God are for me. God wants to give me such shepherds/pastors/leaders ..... over me.

But my second thought came that many around me have the same prayer and that God wants to fulfill His promise to them by calling me to be a shepherd/pastor/leader after God's heart feeding them with knowledge and understanding.

The shepherds returned, the first Christmas (after they met Jesus) and I am sure that they were shepherds after the heart of Jesus, our Good Shepherd.

Woow, exciting promises of God. They involve both:

Myself to others. I become a leader after God's heart, and I feed them with knowledge and understanding.

Others to me. Others become leaders over me after God's heart feeding me with knowledge and understanding.

The Christmas message (and the whole Bible) is so rich so we need the whole life to understand it, ....partly. Ingvar

22 december 2012

Christmas and New Years letter

Dear Friends, You can now klick on this, and find our Christmas and New Years letter.

We have now come to Mondolkiri in Cambodia and will be with Mariam`s family and ..... also some days with Ruth`s Family. We are missing Tabitha, Sophie, Beatrice and Benjamin.

We wish all of you this Christmas and New Year much joy and ... a lot of fresh spiritual, mental and physical food... in Bethlehem =The Bread House.

Ingvar & Anna 

14 december 2012

To the east and to the south

Anna and I have had 2 very good days in Ubon and are now here in Hat Yai and Sonkhla for 4 days. It`s good to see what God is doing in these places and ... to bless the nationells working here.

I become more and more happy to see how we can help and bless the local people in the community and in the Churches. Hand in hand together in God`s love is the best way to see progress in every area, also here in deep south. Ingvar

10 december 2012

40 years together.

We have had a wonderful weekend. Yesterday we had our 40th Wedding anniversary.

15th Crystal
16th Porcelain
20th China
25th Silver
30th Pearl
35th Coral,
40th Ruby
45th Sapphire
50th Gold
55th Emerald
60th Diamond

We were married in the The Mission Church (Covenant Church), Kungshamn, Sweden and had the reception on the mission ship Elida. Oh we have had wonderful and fantastic 40 years. To serve in Missions is the best to do in life.

The last week we have had our daughter Ruth, her husband Niklas and their daughter Emelie with us. They have left for south Thailand but we will meet them in Cambodia during Christmas.

Ingvar & Anna         

26 november 2012

From under the Juniper Tree

We have now had 4 good days at Juniper Tree at Pranburi. This is a resort and Guest Home for Christians Ministers. Good to be here. Juniper Tree has also a place in Chiang Mai.

First we had good meetings (Fre-Sat-Sun) with SPM and today we have had a day of rest. Wonderful. Tomorrow we will be going back home to Chiang Mai.

We have these days a blessing or some belive a curse as we are connected to the world and to the work wherever we are (almost) by phone and by laptop. Some people think this availability at any time, is a burden. But I see it as a blessing. I can came home without a big pile of work. And no work has crossed any deadline unattanded to. This gives me a good rest in my work.

Tomorrow we go away from under this Juniper (Broom) Tree. But the good news is that the strength from the food here is not (like in the Old Testament) lasting just for 40 days and 40 nights. See 1 King 19:8. No the presence of God will go with us and we can eat and be strengthen every day. That’s the New Testament Life.                                                                

Today I looked at the fishing boats. They had engin, nets and differant tools for fishing, but the most visible was all the bulbs and light equipments. Here they fish at night with a lot of lights. God, I want to do my ministry - full of light. Ingvar

19 november 2012

Home alone

To travel in the ministry has many blessing, but also hardships and dangers. Many Good Practices are not just automatically falling on us, but we all have to learn them and put them into reality

For the Family: When you are a family with children the life at home will be much different, when mammy or dad is out of a trip.

For the Couple. When you are a couple with no children at home it is also different back home when one is traveling. Usually it is I, who are travelling, but now for some time I have been mainly at home. Last Fri-Sat-Sun, Anna was with a Tree of Life team to Mae Sai in the so called Golden Triangle. She came home Sunday night from that Church Conference happy for what God has done among them these 3 days. And now she is in Bangkok for 2 days in EFT meetings.

For the Single. Travelling as a single (I understand) is also many things to learn.
  • Some can function very well during travels, others can not.
  • Some can function very well, left alone at home, others can not.
The keys to be growing, be protected and to be effective (on travel or left at home) is to have integrity, be accountable and always to communicate with each other, with the local Christians and with God.

Anna and I are sending text messages between us every morning and evening. Also talking over phone. More and more we can also use Skype. Travel conditions changes, but to grow in the marriage and in the ministry during trips (both on the move and at home) we must find ways to have vibrant and creative relationship also with the local people and with God despite the distance. Ingvar

15 november 2012

It moves.

I had a clipart, it was beautiful. I copied it over and …… it started to move. I got happy and it spoke to me.

We can be a nice-looking stagnant peacemaker. A symbol, a sign and an icon. But … only when we start to move, more will happen.
Now, we feel helpless and weak. We can not produce any peace, grace, forgivness or reconciliation. Only when we allow God to touch us and the Holy Spirit to fill us, we can fly by His provision.
There is a genuine grace, peace, forgiveness and reconciliation that He only can produce and give us. 2 Cor 5 says:

v.17 we are a new creation
v.18 we are reconciled with God
v.18 we have received the ministry of reconciliation
v.19 committed to us the word of reconciliation
v.20 we are ambassadors for Christ
Come Holy Sprit… and move among us! Ingvar

10 november 2012

To be a learning organization

Many new things are ahead, many circumstances are beside and … right now I am summarizing my learning experience from behind, my trip to Bangkok, India and Pakistan. There is no automatic learning in the work. We must all be disciples and willing to learn. We are a living organization moving forward in God's presence and with God's guidance.

There are much misery and darkness, but also much blessed. By nature, I like to see and take part of what is positive. But, I must also see the negative in the right potion to all the good and beautiful.

I should  never be a "perfect" judge who judges everything and everyone, from an "I-can-and-I-know" position or after "the good old days."

We are a learning organization where our master (Rabbuni) Jesus Himself, has a new and relevant curriculum in Church Planting, Leadership Training and Member Care, which fits perfectly into every community in Asian.

Last trip I had 7 leadership seminars and I saw that people are very hungry to learn.

This little man,

plus many others, looked at me with big eyes and said: Teach me! Ingvar

3 november 2012

Go out - come IN

                                   Bless Thailand. Chiang Mai 2012.

Monday evening, I spoke at a meeting, under an open sky, in a suburb of Islamabad. Last night Anna and I prayed together with 3500, under an open sky, at Thapae Gate, right in middle of Chiang Mai. This was the 12th year of Bless Chiang Mai and I think I have been attending them all.

I enjoy being in Churches and Chapels, but even better to be with believers in the middle of the society. Anna and I sat so at this meeting, that we could bless many Thai and tourists walking by. Someone asked: What is going on? Others understood very well that it was the churches in the town that worshiped in the midst of everyone.

The service was very good and we felt that we could Bless Thailand from Chiang Mai. Also, we put our hands on the wall and blessed the town with ..... less walls between us. Ingvar


31 oktober 2012

Home again

Now I'm home after very good 22 days in Bangkok, India and Pakistan. Thank you everyone who has been praying for me. As I look back, I see many have a hard life, but still good things are happening right now in the churches, in families and in society. The 7 leadership seminars I had was the most positive. The leaders are indeed growing and wants to be equipped to train others, who are training others, who are .....

On Sunday night we had a meeting in the "tent colony". These Christians are persecuted, only living in tents without electricity. By encouraging them to worship and serve the Living God and also the parents, to send their children to school, we trust many good things will happen to them.

Monday night, a few hours before my flight, we had a meeting in one of the suburbs of Islamabad. This is a new pioneer church worshipping outside under the open sky. I am always very happy when the gospel reaches out into new suburbs of our huge and growing mega cities of Asia.

This trip put me even more into the challenge of Church Planting Movements. Ingvar

26 oktober 2012

A safe place

Today I am at the TREE(in short for Tree of Life Ministry) but often we also find ourselves at the other TREE and the symbol for the complete work of Jesus Christ on the cross.
We've just finished the session reminding us of the truth that our pain, our torment, our woundings, has a place also in the finished work of Christ. Today when preparing I had a picture in my mind how it could have looked like when the kids were crowding around Jesus and the disciples of Jesus chased them away. Jesus saw what was going on and told them not to forbid the kids to come close.
I was sharing to our recipients that Jesus is a safe place to come when we are vulnerable, and He is waiting to receive the pain and shame which we might be holding on to.
When one of the ladies said: Wow, when we were worshipping I saw Jesus surrounded by kids and his white clothes were covered with red stripes.
Father is so good when he speaks to his children so clearly, it is building into their lives faith and trust.
The lives of this group of women is being transformed right before our eyes, and is such a joy to see them grow(and glow).

25 oktober 2012

From Land to Land

I left India after 16 very good days. Now I am in Pakistan and ..... I have started here in Faisalabad. Today was also a very good day with leaders, school and tonight with the church.

Together with the nationells, in every country we work, - life is exiting. I am so blessed to have many good nationell friends and .... together the progress is much faster. Ingvar

20 oktober 2012

21 October 1972

It was this wonderful man which I became engaged to on this day 40 years ago. Was it romantic. Not on the outside, but there was romance in the heart and it has remained. This is an art or skill which needs to be cultivated and sharpened all through the married life.
Love Anna

16 oktober 2012

Upstream Ganges

I am now travelling upstream Ganges from Kolkata, Varanasi, Gorakhpur to Delhi. During my travelling I enjoy having more than full program. Over the year I have got use to how to travel, but …. also to plan ahead. Just to “fall down” from the sky without planning gives much confusion. I like:

a) To do planning. From last visit, this visit and to next visit.
b) To be partakers in each projects a few days. I am not a visitor that just is happy to visit the office and sit at a board meeting.
c) To make space in the program for unplanned Divine appointments.
d) To be up-dated on my E-Mails. And these days, I can sit in the train in India and send E-Mails.
e) To experience … that I am travelling with Jesus. I like it.

I love to be part of the grassroots people and the grassroots projects.

Now I and Jonas F are in Gorakhpur. And ….. Emmanuel, Jesus is with us on this journey. Ingvar

7 oktober 2012

To be Content and "hungry" for change... at the same time

Yesterday my brother LarsEvert put out on Facebook some very nice autumn photos from Sweden. I started to miss the Swedish autumn. But, at the same time, I looked out the window here in Chiang Mai and began to see everything beautiful..... also right here where we live.

It is really an art of living to be content, but at the same time have dreams and visions for change and development for something better.

After two days I will go to Kolkata. For 20 days I will be in projects in India and in Pakistan. To be able to live in this paradox, I need 3 things, even in places like Kolkata:

a) Be present and thankful.
b) Work with (and under) the national.
c) Invite the presence of God, let Him speak and act in everything and everywhere.

This is indeed a challenge and gives life maaaany blessings. Ingvar

30 september 2012

Today would have been Dad's 91 birthday.

When my father, Sven left us for Heaven in Nov. 1967, he was only 46 years old. We children were aged 18, 15 and 11.
I have cared for many 90 year olds and I have often thought that he could still have been among us. He was snatched away from us in the middle of his life. Away from his wife and children and the grandchildren he never had the joy to welcome. He had dreams for his daughters, for what they would be in life. He enjoyed life in full and was a very positive person. We daughters always looked forward to when dad would come back from the sea.
This time he didn't come. But for me it became like the second encounter with God, that has greatly come to influence my life.
I remember when the news reached us.  In the middle of the chaos, I went up to my room and shut the door behind me and knelt by my bed. Suddenly I feel as if I was surrounded by safe warm arms and I heard as clearly as if God had stood by my bed:'' You need not be afraid my child, I am your Father, I am with you and will never leave you. Do not be afraid. ''
I've been through many storms since then. But this truth is as a foundation and a stronghold in my life. We meet our losses in life, but this truth is a fundamental security that no one can take away from us. That God is our Father and that He will never leave us. He whispers to us deep inside the heart by his Holy Spirit: DO NOT BE AFRAID! I AM WITH YOU!
"I will not leave you orphans, I will come to you".
Love Anna

27 september 2012

Into the midst of the society

Along with 375 pastors and leaders from all over Thailand, I participated this week in meetings in Bangkok. The Motto is:

I really enjoyed getting to know many dedicated and good Christian leaders. At the same time, I see more and more two types of goals for church growth, also here in Asia:

a) We need more good members and more good activities in the Church building, so people will come to us. Good Institutions.

b) We are a Church Planting Movement (CPM) in the society. We reach out to others, who reach out to others, who reach out to others etc. In the midst of the society.

I enjoy good meetings in a large "perfect" Church buildings, but in terms of a more rapid Church planting, I believe 100% that the best way to see the Kingdom of God grow is working with National Pioneer Workers who go out and ... become part of the community.

I was glad that I took part in these meetings, although the pioneer spirit was not as prominent as I hoped. Even thought, I returned home to Chiang Mai more "on fire" on CPM than when I went.

And by the way, a) and b) do not have to (in proper proportions) exclude each other. Ingvar

22 september 2012

‘’This is My target group.’’

While worshipping alone in the TOL meeting room in preparation for the initial and special Cross Current Program,  the Lord was coming through with His gentle voice: ‘‘This is My target group’’.
I started to ponder upon this. The assignment of Jesus was first to the Jews. The commissioning of the disciples was Judea and Samaria and to the ends of the earth.The Gentiles were Pauls assignment. Another target group for Paul was the Macedonians....and so on.
For God so loved the world that he sent His only begotten son...... God targets mankind.
He loves and targets us all. But for us human beings we are only able to focus on a small area even for the best person we are limited. The Lord is limitless. 
Many years ago while working in Bangladesh at the time when the nation was one of the poorest in the world, we were frequently asked:’‘ How can you cope seeing the starving masses and still being limited to people and resources?  The answer at that time was simply: I focus on the individual.  If I focus on the masses, my mind says: it is in vain, our help is a drop in the ocean. 
Another lesson the Lord taught me was: Seeing Jesus in the ones we targetted... ‘‘whatever you do to one of these little ones, you do unto Me’’. Maybe we can call that a double vision:-). 
It was so good to hear the confirming words yesterday: ''This is My target group'', so I quickly responded: Lord if this is Your target group, then it is mine too.’’ And so we had a heavenly agreement! Agreements are powerful and binding. Jesus is committed to this work and I am committed to it and to Him! 
Love Anna

16 september 2012

Do I dare?

The last week we started to plan and pray over the work of INTERACT 2013. At the same time God has been speaking about reaching the most unreached parts of Thailand with the Gospel of Jesus. One area to work with National Pioneer Workers has been becoming more and more urgent for us: Ubon Ratchathani (อุบลราชธานี).

The challang is that among 21 million people in Issan (Eastern Thailand), there are only 0.15% Christian. And in the province of Ubon Ratchathani (อุบลราชธานี) among 1.6 million there are only 0,115% Christians.

As we work on the plan for 2013 we ask ourselves; Do we dare to go for it?

I am recalling the motto of William Carey 1790:

One thing is certain: We need both God and ... many many people's participation to do this. We have a big and important calling on our table. Do we/I dare to move forward? Ingvar

9 september 2012

This weekend in Omkoi

This weekend we have been in Omkoi. We really felt 100% welcomed to be in Omkoi 180 km southwest of Chiang Mai. Here is a Bible school, Hostel and Church with about 400 members.

I preached today in English, Anna translated into Thai and ..... a man translated into Pow Karen. So we were three speakers. What the pastor finally said I do not know, but the people were blessed. They are used having one speaker and two interpreters. And .... God's Word spoke their heart language. That was clear.

We were encouraged by their devotion and hunger. Our prayer is that the whole of Thailand will be blessed by what is happening among the Karen people in and around Omkoi.

After this weekend, I cannot help to be even more called to minister more among the youth and leaders of Asia. They are eager and looking for help to "bloom". To pray for and bless leaders who are in key positions ..... I am most happy. Anna and I drove tonight the 180 kilometers down the mountain, back to Chiang Mai, full of hope and joy. Ingvar

5 september 2012

Love God and love my neighbor. Full stop!

It is not so strange that Jesus gave us one commandment containing all the commandments which was given to Moses:
Love God ...... and love your neighbor as yourself.
If we love everything else falls into place.
Jesus himself, God as man, loved us unto death upon the cross.
There is such explosive power in love, something which is effortless but yet so difficult.
But I sense the difficulty lies in that we make it complicated.

We check to see if the object of our love is good enough to waste some love upon.
We try to figure out if our love will be received, even before we give...
We tick off our list of offenses and see if ‘our neighbor’ is repentant enough for a dose of love.
We demand first and then make a choice to give or not!
Can you imagine if God would have loved in this way. Then there would be no hope for us all.

Last Sunday I visited a friend and she put on the film ‘‘Father of Lights’’ by Darren Wilson. I highly recommend viewing this film. It touches deep, so deep it even hurts, and puts a lot of our values on edge. 
My mind made a journey to memories when Ingvar and I have seen the power of God’s love totally melt down opposition. Where love forcing its way through our heart like a mighty river, changing people and situations, healing wounds and diseases in a moment. 

We have seen the miracles, we have tasted the power of love, what is it that hinders us to live in it constantly? I will write more about this but there is a key in Prov 4:23 Above all, keep your heart, because out of flows the issues of life.

Now back to the present time: One of ‘’the families in crisis’’ whom have been in our fellowship for some time, our plan A was to love  without expecting anything in return, to love despite of what we saw was most unloveable. We had no plan B. The miracle happened. That love touched him so deep that he took a step right into Daddy’s arms. This reminds me about ‘‘the prodigal son- embraced by Dad’’.

I feel that I need to come back to the simple foundation of what mission is, but also the reason why we are here on earth: Love God and love my neighbor. Full stop!!
In His Love Anna

1 september 2012

Planning and Side effects

This time of the year (Aug-Sept), we work a lot with praying and planning for 2013. This evaluation of our involvement is becoming more and more necessary and vital. Good planning is biblical. God is a God of order. Often we ask ourselves:
  • Where are we going? Our Vision, Our Goal.
  • How will we reach it? Our Mission.
But another issue that has become more and more relevant to me is:
  • What are the side effects? Both negative and positive.
We live in a complicated world and we affect others, more than we think. Others opinions are not our master, but it is healthy to take a look at our side effects at the time of planning, so we make sure they are positive.

The other night Anna and I watched the Singapore's Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong speak. His determination, skill and charisma gave us a lot of courage and hope. He gave positive Side effects far beyond Singapore. He believed in 3 words:


With an open heart for God and people we can see many positive side effects around us. We can have a testimony that makes a difference. Ingvar

21 augusti 2012

Junctions in Life

Sometimes in life, we come up to small junctions and we have to choose. But these choices are easy. And sometimes in Life, we come up to big junctions and we have to make big difficult choices. Which way to go?

This is not a bible study, only a few words that has been speaking to me:
  • Be prepared: Junctions will come.
  • Let The Word of God give light. There are signs along the way.
  • Pray. The Holy Spirit is our spiritual GPS (Global Positioning System).
  • Have Prayer supporters and Intercessors.
Anna and I received an E-mail another day:

"We follow you on the blog. One of our members in the Church got a computer from her grandchildren. Now she is reading your blog. She is 84 years old. It is interesting and exciting to follow you in spite of the distance. We pray for you every day. "

Isaiah 40:11 is still speaking to us: "And gently lead those who are with young".

Coming up towards a junction and make a sudden turn can be dangerous for others who follow us or are besides us. 
Jesus, our Good Shepherd, leads us gently. We need also to lead others gently. Because they have also ….. have small once around themselves. Ingvar

13 augusti 2012

Mother`s Day and ..... are with young.

Yesterday we celebrated Mother's Day in Thailand. Also that the Queen turned 80 years old. All Churches in Thailand celebrate this with great reverence and gratitude.

Many of us are right now standing up against many challenges. New school classes, new working teams, new pressure, new …. Many things wants to create worry and fear in us: What will happen? How can we cope?

We, mission leaders, are also facing many challenges from the society, from the Church, from others and from ourselves. But, we have a Good Shepherd.

Before we left Sweden the 5th Aug we were standing praying with some believers and …. Isaiah 40:11 came alive for us:

He will feed His flock like a shepherd;
He will gather the lambs with His arm,
And carry them in His bosom,
And gently lead those who are with young.

The word gently can especially strong to us. He leads us gently because we have many young followers.

We are not all mothers, but we are all leaders in different ways for others, young followers. Many are looking up to us for guidance, care and spiritual food. God help us to be spiritual parents with the same attitude as our Good Shepherd Jesus is for us. Ingvar

5 augusti 2012

On the way From Sweden To Thailand

We are right now in Copenhagen on the way to Asia. We look back on a good summer with work, fellowship and relaxation.

Look forward to see you and minister together in Asia again, this fall.

One Word has touched me lately:
….the Kingdom of God is not ….eating and drinking,

but righteousness
and peace
and joy in the Holy Spirit.
Rom 14:17

Anna will stay over one day in Bangkok for work. I will continue to Chiang Mai.
  Have a good Sunday. Ingvar & Anna

28 juli 2012

Relationship matters in Missions

We are doing well, in Sweden. Good to be with relatives, in the Churches and in the society these 2 month. Relationship matters in Missions. And as much is changing it`s good to be up-dated. Tomorrow I will preach in our home Church on Klädesholmen. I am excited and happy to do it. My prayer is that:

Let the words of my mouth
And the meditation of my heart
Be acceptable in your sight
O Lord my strength and my Redeemer
(Ps 19:14)

We are packing our house and preparing for a Missionary Conference next week. On the 5th Aug we are leaving our home in Sweden and going to our home in Thailand. Ingvar

7 juli 2012

HOPE.... I have already received

A Brazilian missionary couple working in the Middle East visited Torp Conference this year. It was very inspiring to listen to Esther L.

In one meeting for the missionaries she shared about Hope. Not only do we have Hope for now and for the future, but also, we can remember the Hope that we have gained through the years.

While I am working this summer with missions and have a nice holiday with plenty of work at the house, (Anna also works as a nurse at the Home Health Care) this truth through this Brazilian missionary is ringing in me. Yes, I how received so much Hope-Faith-Love through the years. This is also blessing me, right now. And ... this hope will also continue to bless me.

A young little man in Mongolia gave me a lot of Hope, when he came in happy to the Church with a Bible. I like this picture. Ingvar