30 mars 2022

Wave of Covid-19

Very few here in Ubon-Pakse have had COVID-19, but now a wave is coming. Grateful for your prayers for us here.

Anna, and several in our work have now after 3 days started to recover. But several in Child Safe and in the Church have also just now started their 5-7 days of "cold". Most people get the disease mildly, but many suffer severely from fear and depression.

We now encourage people: "Are you sick, stay at home and rest". Rest with the peace of God in your heart.

Some words that encourages:

May he who is the Lord of peace always and in every way give you his peace. The Lord be with you all. 2 Thessalonians 3:16

Let the peace of Christ reign in your hearts, the peace you are called to in one and the same body. And be grateful. Col 3:15

I had Covid-19 in January 2022 when I was in Sweden. Grateful for your prayers for those here in Isaan och Laos, do not have a good great resilience. They get sicker.

And, those who do not have a monthly salary are hit very hard financially. Many here are now trying to live on loans. Burr.

Greetings from Ubon-Pakse by Ingvar (Fred)

27 mars 2022

Wonderful .....bigger space

Rejoice with us here in Ubon that we now have a much better space in the Church, Ubon Music Cafè and the Bakery. THANK YOU all who has contributions to this upgrading. Fantastic. Many are now coming in and feeling the warm and welcoming atmosphere. Thank you Jesus for being here.

We are happy for everyone who are helping practically to make it nice and useful.

We are thankful that 2 Bible School students will come on Thursday, this coming week from the Bible School in Prauchab. They will be with us 9 months.

Greetings from Ubon through Ingvar (Fred)

14 mars 2022

....... go through testings.

Life is full of testings, not only when we are studying in Schools-Collages-Universities, but through our whole life. 

We have just gone through a global test of the Corona Pandemy and it is important to do some evaluations: What did we learn through this all?

In the Bible we see all kinds of Big and Small testings. We also 2022 have many big and small tests. 2 Cor 1:3-4 is speaking strongly:

Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies and God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our affliction,

so that we may be able to comfort those who are in any affliction, with the comfort with which we ourselves are comforted by God.

So ... the teaching is: If we hid in testings we can not help others. WOOW

At the same time, even if any person have failed terrible in life, they are good enough to come back into the Fathers Fellowship, and good enough to come into the Church Fellowship. All people still breathing and turning around from their whickered ways ... is good enough - back home.

God bless us all to go through big and small testings, so we can help others. 


1 mars 2022

Our focus is the Light, not the darknss.

We can easily put darkness in the center and be filled with fear. "How can this work out for good"?Then the only solution is for the Light JESUS ​​to become the center. He goes ahead and says: "Follow me: You are the light of the world".

Now, God's people, we need to shine more than ever.

I am grateful for God's guidance to to me: To Sweden 6 Dec, 11 weeks in 30 places and now 23rd Feb to Thailand. Glad that everything went so well.

1. 17 Jan 2022 I tested positive on Corona fast test.

2. 18 Jan 2022 I tested positive on Corona PCR test. I had a "cold" for 5 days. Did not meet people during 10 days.
3. 21 Feb 2022 in Gothenburg: I ​​was tested negative on PCR test.

4. 24 Feb 2022 in Bangkok. I tested negative on PCR test

5. 1 Mar 2022 in Hua Hin: I was tested negative on PCR test

We can rejoice in God's strength and guidance through all the difficulties .... along the way. Jesus is the center and now says to us in a loud voice: "You are the light of the world". Light is needed when it is dark. And now we need to shine more than ever.
Light is in the center .... not the darkness.

Thank you Jesus I am healthy. Ingvar (Fred)