21 februari 2018

To speak from our hearts

We are many millions (may be billions) over the whole earth that have been blessed over the years by Billy Graham. He became 99 years old.
Once, many years ago, I heard Billy Graham preaching and I was struck by that he did not make the Gospel complicated. He preached a simple gospel, but with authority. Billy Graham had a clear voice, but I understood that he believed what he said and he made the gospel easy for us all to understand .... by heart.

We missionaries sometimes struggle because we feel limited in language. We can not go as "deep" as we like. Perhaps the answer is: "....deep speaks to deep...." when we are simple and we allow God to speak with power and authority right into everyone's heart.

The answer is that when I speak from my heart ...... people will understand. And when others speak from their heart ..... I will understand them.
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14 februari 2018

Update from Thailands Samaria

I had goosebumps yesterday when I received the news about one of the broken vessels I was involved in trying to be her mentor and supporting her in prayer, a couple of years ago. Shattered, rejected for another woman, robbed of her home and her daughter, her reputation. Her in-laws took her husbands side, she took refuge with her parents and we lost contact.

Now I hear that she has started a church and she is sharing the good news with people in her parents village and they are believing and filling the house. She sends her assistant to us, to learn, to receive and she goes back and shares with the new believers and they are growing.
Women... at the well.... women accused of this and that.... women who receive the calling to be evangelists and shepherds etc...... many of who do not have the standard most of the churches would demand. But they might be restored and they are heeding the call, responding with their YES. And God backs them up with signs and wonders.

Did I say I love the way the Father works here? But it challenges my boundaries. I pray I will not be somebody who would hinder anyone being obedient to their call.
Love Anna

10 februari 2018

3 Safe Modes needed

I am still after 45 years in Missions a learner and a disciple. I still need many more learning experiences. Here in a pioneer area like Ubon-Pakse there are much to learn together with the local people. In India, for many years ago, someone said to me:                                                                    

We are now working here on how to have following 3 modes in-place:

Safe Mode 1.  Prevention mode. Prevention is the act of stopping something from happening or of stopping someone from doing something:

Safe Mode 2. Equipping and discipleship mode. This is to teach the Bible, while modeling and guiding us all together toward living righteously as followers of Jesus Christ.

Safe Mode 3. Rebuilding and restoration mode. To bring life back to a former, original or normal condition.

We could put these 3 Modes on a scale like
Mode 1.
Mode 2. 
Ordinary building up
Mode 3.

Yesterday came a mother to the Center with her daughter to get help at the court. She is indeed in a restore-Mode. She will come back on Monday for more assistance. Tomorrow a team will go to another place for a "restoration" work. 

This plus much more is all how children can come back to normal life again. And it takes long time and ... they need much help. It is easy to ruin a child but it is hard to restore the damages.   

Music is a very good tool for restoration. 

Let`s learn and do all 3 more and more. Ingvar