22 februari 2011

To visit Local Churches, is inspiring.

To visit local churches is inspiring. There are many good people in the local churches very active supporting missions with prayer, money and a big interest. They are also very well informed and much involved, localy. It`s exciting to meet them.

They love God and they love to be a blessing in the society both localy and far off in Missions. I can see this combination in Asia, but also in Sweden: To worship God inside and to be a blessing in the society outside; goes Hand-in-Hand everywhere. Ingvar

7 februari 2011

Honestly speaking .......

To take over and to hand over responsibilities is a challenge. Technically it is not, but emotionally it is.

I am now taking over a new country in Asia and handing over another one, to a colleague. Honestly speaking it is a challenge to leave a work, I have enjoyed so much. But I have the motto: Start Well - Run Well - End Well. And I bless Josefin who will take over.

Today I am saying a loud Happy Birthday for my beloved wife Anna. Honestly speaking: She is without doubt the most fantastic person in the whole world to live with. Be blessed, my darling. Ingvar