21 april 2018

The talk on the road.... speaks to me.

These days, between Easter and Pentecost, the passage in Luke 24:13-49 about the 2 walking to Emmaus has been speaking to me.

1. To have an open mind so I understand the Word.
2. To share my living own story.
3. To be equipped with the power of God

Yes, I need an open mind, burning by the Word of God in my everyday life here in Ubon Pakse. But I can burn strong without effecting others.

Yes, I can also tell you all my great experience in life. But it might not create the eagerness of others to tell about their encounter with Jesus, unless No. 3 exists.

To make a difference.I need to be cloth with power from on the height. Otherwise, everything I do is just a new and better religion. A nice and entertaining program. Without No 3, there will be only more captivities and more disappointments long the way. The Emmaus walkers stood still and looking sad.

Only when we are clothed with Power .... something happens. Jesus-Life will be visible.

Many years ago, I read the book Along the Indian Road by Stanley Jones with great encouragement. I should read it again, with new Ubon-Pakse glasses on. Ingvar

11 april 2018

Be a Teacher in Pakse, Laos.

We are now in Laos and happy to see the work is blessing and encouraging the Lao people. On different levels.

Be a teacher in Pakse Laos. One registered Language Centre in Pakse are looking for more English teachers. They have now students they have to refuse due to lack of teachers. For information contact us and we will you their contact information.

The work in Laos is very interesting. Be part of it.

Greetings from Pakse


3 april 2018

Who is a sparrow?

Most recently I am working with a few who have a history of not being seen. Or believe they are insignificant and almost invisible. Who have been abandoned at a young age. They are marked in their soul almost like with a seal:

-No one is interested in me.
-I am not valuable enough to be loved
-I have no value

And they often question:
-Why do I live anyway?
-What’s the meaning of life?

This takes me quickly to the HUGH abandonment problem in Isaan. HUGH, is a too weak word. What has been imprinted on the soul of the children for generations is:
-I am not valuable enough to be loved
-I have no value
-I have no hope-and how can I trust you anyway?

SO……the conclusion might be: I just kill myself or disappear into a fantasy world of media. My cry to you who have been loved, who have hope and can love and give hope: 
       Please look around you. I am sure you have some people around you, who are just trying to hide behind a screen because they believe the lie: - I have no value.

Your eyes, your words, your interest beyond YOURSELF, might change a life today.