30 november 2023

I can do something, but...

We are not the light of the world, but we are created to be light bearers ... wherever we go. Yes, we can do something ... but we need to let God do the main things in Life.

Saturday evening I went by train from Stockholm to Gothenburg. I came in good time to the train station in Stockholm. I found the train, my seat and ....... enjoyed a very good ride to Gothenburg.  

If I had tried to make these 468 km by myself, walking the whole way, it would have been a disaster. 

This spoke to me. So often we become self-centred and think: I am strong and educated so I can fix it myself. I put myself in the centre.  No no no. 

I can do many things, but not the main things in Life:                                            Not create the meaning of Life.                                                                              Not health, not heartbeat, not breathing.                                                                Not Joy and n0t peace.                                                                                                Not Salvation from sin. 

It became very clear to me that God knows it all. And can do it all. Or, I can try to make it all. No life is cooperation. Working together.  
Prayer is not to inform God our need, or others need. He knows it all but; we need to pray:
1. To agree with others.  United from our hearts.
2. To be humble: I can not make it myself.
2. To walk with God in a daily fellowship. 
3. To obey God. We build together The Kingdom of God according to His plan. 

As children and as old people we understand we need God more and cooperation with others more. Let`s also as middle-age do the same.  

This is a very meaningful song: