19 januari 2014

Workshop: ''Turning the Hearts of the Fathers to the Children''

Looking forward to having a few of Tree of Life's CM team here in Ubon a few days. 21-22nd of  January we are arranging a workshop for pastors and leaders here in Ubon Ratchathani with the theme of '' Turning the hearts of the fathers to the children'' Malaki 4:4. We are expecting around 70 participants and are praying for a time of healing and restoration. There is much to do in this city. We thank God for many open doors. We hope to follow with similar events for other youth/children related workers in a couple of months.
Hosting events like this in Ubon is part of Ruamchai4Ubon and Tree of Life's desire to support and equip the churches in the area.  
Workshop description:
''We have all been children and youth.  We carry with us the effects of upbringing, voids and wounds, shame and …...... we might be ashamed of some of the fruit on our ‘’tree’’ .
Encountering the finished work of the Cross and the Love of the Father and in turn we will be able to honor and build up the young generation. ''
Thanks for praying for the Pastors and Leaders of Ubon.


13 januari 2014

A ''rose smelling-good book reading- gentle breeze and peaceful'' day!

After a week of many hours of teaching it is so good to just spend time around the house. Smell the fragrance of the new roses in the garden, read a good book on the front porch with the sound of the fountain in the background and a gentle breeze. This is just so very good! Today I'm baking rye-bread for our dinner and the aroma from the oven fills the house. Then a meal together  with the candles still left from Christmas, it all sounds like a perfect story. It is perfect. We are well (almost anyway). We are happy. We know we are loved and accepted by the Father. Sometimes we dare not write about a good day or a good life. Thank God for a wonderful husband, for a good little house to live in, for good neighbors who even asked if he was allowed to water the garden across the wall between our houses. For friends who are happy to drop in for a chat. For a city which is peaceful today and I pray it will continue to be so.
Then everyday is not a ''rose smelling-good book reading- gentle breeze and peaceful'' day. But today it is, so I am grateful.
With Love

1 januari 2014

Be Blessed from Heaven ....... every day 2014.

We are back from Cambodia after 8 days with Mariam, Phil, Jakob and Mika. Also with churches, projects and people in the communities. Good time. We went this time overland over Laos.
Be Blessed from heaven ..... every day 2014.

Yours In Him Ingvar & Anna