27 juli 2009

Sent out - with security

Yesterday I visited a service in Götene. A couple was ordained to be sent into mission work in Asia. The Church was full and we were all encouraged. Their Calling, Capacity and Commitment were clear and we were all put on fire.

To move forward and out to others – it is truly lifting.
Today I went from Göteborg to Götabro to participate in a missionary conference. My prayer is that we will all (around 80 person) will be put on fire and go forward and out to others, even into uncertainties. Tonight I looked on the word ”Trygghets narmomani” ”Can be translated: Addicted to Safety”. It has been written a lot on that Swedish people are addicted to Safety and are afraid of going into whatever is uncertain.

Someone says: “To be able to experience safety you must have to be able to rest in the uncertainties”.

My experience is that: Yes that is right, but then I need Jesus and other people with me. Ingvar

17 juli 2009

Pater Noster (light and Prayer)

We are now 2 weeks at Klädesholmen, an island at the west coast of Sweden, north of Gothenburg. We have no house or flat in Sweden, but we feel very much at home here, staying with good friends and in our home Church, next to the sea.

To go out on the sea is wonderful. One day we visited the Lighthouse called: Pater Noster (= “Our Father”). It was placed here 1868, as the sea around is full of underwater rocky islets. In order for the seaman to make it throught these dangerous waters they needed: 1) the lighthouse and 2) to pray the Lord`s prayer “Our Father…..”.

The same day we also visited ELIDA, a mission ship having meetings along the west coast. Anna and I meet on Elida 1970 and we were also married on Elida 1972.

Life can be tough with hard storms, and with many dangerous underground islets, but ….. it`s so good to see the Light of the World and pray to ”My Father” for his presence with me in difficult times… and also in good days. Ingvar.

10 juli 2009

The Blessing of re-connecting

This summer we are re-connecting to many in Sweden. It`s truly refreshing and healing to meet up again with relatives and friends. We can do things together, but also - just be together. With many we experiance: Mission is lifting and people in all ages are being encouraged.

We have spent a week in Örebro with Tabitha and her family, Skåne with Mariam and her family, Gothenburg with Ruth and with Benjamin. We spent also 4 - 5 days in Dalsland with my 2 brothers and their families and with Anna`s 2 sisters with their families. Good.

The truth is that we need God more and more, but also we need each other more and more. It`s a blessing to re-connect. Ingvar