28 februari 2016

Standing at life's viewpoint

When we walk with Jesus we don't always have a clear vision of the whole purpose of this journey.
Often we just obey and walk and do what He leads us to and serve faithfully.
Then at times we stop and take a look at the path we have covered and sometimes that view is breathtakingly beautiful.
Was it that beautiful when you walked it? No it was tough, blood, sweat and tears, it took so much of prayers knowing where to put down your foot next. Many times we questioned: God what are we doing or God where are you taking us?

Today I had a little time to stand at that life's viewpoint, overlooking the paths of the last 3 years.
What He showed me today was a timeline of a people group, person after person, woman after woman whom the Lord had allowed me to encounter. All sizes, ages and colours. But they all had one thing in common. They had all come under the cloud of belief that it is only meant for man to be in ministry. Their hearts were burning with passion for the lost. They thrive on sharing the gospel with the poor or the hungry. Or bringing healing to the brokenhearted and setting the captives free. But they were made to understand it is not really for them to do '' it belongs to the man'' You are God's second best. Or ...

Here in Isaan, the villages mostly consists of older women and children. You might find a man here and there most probably they are too sick to work or have been looking to deep into the bottle. I love to see women carrying the gospel to the villages. 

I love to tell them: If God has given you a passion for evangelism, or just a great joy to do ministry to the Isaan people then I believe it might be God calling you.

I find so many who have a calling, who have a passion or a zeal, they love Jesus and they love people but have come to believe that they are not good enough because they are not a man. Some felt they were dying inside because they could not do what the heart was burning for.

I suddenly saw that I have been here for a purpose: to see these women released to do what they love to do, and bring joy to Father's heart too, because they obey and so abide and bear fruit, much fruit (John 15) .

When I lift my vision a little higher and further into the past, I rejoice over many women who have been restored and found their purpose and are now church planters. I did not plan that, but Father did.

I am not a feminist, or maybe I am, but in my heart is no rebellion, because I never had to fight against man to serve in my calling or giftings. Praise God for my man who believed and stood by me all these years when I was sharing with him my dreams and visions for ministry.
Love Anna

26 februari 2016

Thank you for ministering with us

Thank you so much Fern and Sianam for your 6 month with us here in Ubon. You have been a great blessing for us.

Be blessed as you travel tonight to Chiang Mai and graduation i Omkoi the 11th March 2016.

Welcome back to Ubon. and .... welcome to send your friends to us here in Isaan as well. Ingvar

22 februari 2016

3 days on the other side of the river.

We look back on 3 very good days in Pakse.

The 2 cities Ubon-Pakse have many things in common. Ingvar (Fred)

15 februari 2016

Good food from God and people.

We have had some very good ...... but hectic days. In midst of LIFE is is good to eat the word of God from heaven. This morning it came as a good breakfast.  

Heb 4:16 
Let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace, 
that we may obtain mercy 
and find grace to help in time of need.

And I eat. "...come boldly..." Yes Lord I do.

And sometimes Good word come from people.


I need good good food from God and people. Ingvar

3 februari 2016

When we have no words.

Linda became only 41 years old. We all miss Linda enormously. She was Lena's (Anna's sister) and Raino`s oldest daughter. Lena and Raino lives in Kungshamn. Linda fought bravely against cancer a few years. 

Some things in life we can never understand. But in the midst of sorrow, we get help from God and from people to realize that sometimes in life we don't understand. Lena and Raino: We have no words. We are only standing with you, these days, in tears. Hugs from Ingvar and Anna

2 februari 2016

This picture spoke to me ....

This picture spoke strongly to me today.  
Believe it speaks to us all who loves Jesus and loves the Body of Christ = The Church. Ingvar (Fred)