21 december 2013

Christmas and New Years letter

Dear Friends,

You can now click on this, and find our Christmas and New Years letter.

We are now here in Ubon Ratchathani... and already starting to feel very much at home. 

Tabitha gave some good Christmas Gift suggestions:
• To your enemy, forgiveness.
• To an opponent, tolerance.
• To a friend, your heart.
• To a customer, service....
• To all, charity.
• To every child, a good example.
• To yourself, respect.

He who has no Christmas in his/her heart will never find Christmas under a tree.
We wish you all "a heartily" Christmas 2013 and New Year 2014 with much joy and fresh spiritual, mental and physical food, in His presence.
Ingvar & Anna

9 december 2013

I am a happy husband.

Today for 41 years ago this photo was taken in Kungshamn, Sweden.
We met first time on the Mission boat called Elida II. The wedding was in the Covenant Church, but the reception was on this Mission boat. It was a very happy day.

I want to tell you a secret: I love my dear wife even more today!!! Even .... as she is 920 km away in Chiang Mai today. But she will come home tomorrow. She has the last week been working very hard with the transition of Treeoflifeministry Thailand into a new chapter 
Yesterday the Tree of Life Board had a meeting and today and tonight the “Tree” is on the way by truck to Ubon. Many here is asking for the Ministry of Tree of Life.
My rear Anna is without doubt the most beautiful and best lady on this planet. I am a very happy husband. Ingvar

1 december 2013

In Chiang Mai a few days

We are today the 1:st Sunday in Advent in Chiang Mai. For 3 days we have had very good SPM meetings at Juniper Tree including today a Advent Service. Tomorrow we will meet different people informing about the work in Ubon. Good to be here, but .... we feel Ubon is calling. Have a good week.   

24 november 2013

Harvest time in Thailand

Yesterday evening when I read my friends' posting on Facebook of over 1200 who came to Christ in the first "Abundant Life Festival"- evening with Franklin Graham and 1300 next evening, in Chiang Mai,  I sat here in UBON and tears flowed, of joy. I thought of the word of Jesus where He says in John 4:37-38 ....... Ones sows and another reaps. I sent you to reap where you have not sown. Others have sown and you have entered into their work." Many have plowed, fasted, prayed, and others will harvest.
I have had a recurring dream, that has to do with preparation for a feast, but when the feast starts we are taken to a different location, to new tasks. I was reminded of this dream yesterday. It felt as if the Holy Spirit wanted to say: this was in God's plan. Rejoice now with us in heaven over a single (many) sinners who have come home. We are so happy. Tonight is the last campaign evening in CM but I would ask the Lord that the feast of harvesting will continue.

Today we visited a small church in the suburbs of Ubon. Encouraging and praying for those who are discouraged in their labor. The fields are ripe. We call on the harvestors.
Love Anna   

18 november 2013

First Tree of Life Seminar in Ubon

Youth & Children was our focus at TOL’s initial meeting with Church & youth leaders in and around Ubon Ratchathani.  

It was so sovereignly led by the Holy Spirit. The request from leaders in Ubon, the timing and the desperate cry of some leaders who were facing tragic circumstances among their youths. I met Ajarn Ooy in CM and she happens to be on her way through Ubon. If you look at the map, you’ll understand the miracle, not many would pass through Ubon from the North.
I am amazed at the response. I had only 1 week on hand to announce and plan. Our divine reconnecting with Kookai here in Ubon, a small but brilliant young lady is really Gods provision at this time. We use to know each other many years back in Chiang Mai, and had lost contact. I told her of my plan, and she did all the contacting and dealing with place and refreshments, printing of material, she took care of every little detail.

My part was to be prepared, taking care of our key speaker, my spiritual daughter from Chiang Mai (so that was easy), pray and pray……And thanks to my friends who prayed and interceded, and Ingvar who has so much wisdom to share and is the backup encourager at all times.
About 45 leaders from 10 different churches came. And Ajarn Ooy did so well, she was able to communicate the heart of the Father and challenge the leaders. It has opened doors for involvement with several churches. It was a good opportunity to present what TOL is and how we can facilitate, train or connect to resources.

I am overwhelmed by God’s goodness, the favor of God and the favor of man.
Love Anna

16 november 2013

Follow Jesus into new areas........exiting.

Following Jesus into new areas ...... it's exciting. After 40 years in missions, you would think that we should be able to do the work, but constantly we are being reminded that the Jesus life is no “copy machine”. Time and again we see God's hand, sometimes only His finger showing that God is at work. Doing new things. Anna wrote on FB for a couple of days ago:

I am amazed at the openness here in Ubon. Today when searching for a venue for a Tree of Life seminar in Ubon, the restaurant & conference room owner immediately started to ask of where she can go to church? Lord we want more harvesters, the fields are so very ripe.

Yes, we sat there just seeing God speaking to her and call her into His kingdom.

I will not go into any theological presentation, but I wish with all my heart that the following three will work in 100% harmony.
  • Believe in God
  • Believe in The Kingdom of God
  • Believe in The Local Church
I wish and work for that there should be no barriers between these three areas of belief , so that all who seek God truly feel 100% at home in the local churches.

Today I am in Laos to pick up my new visa tomorrow. Anna is in Ubon and had a good first Tree of Life meeting in Ubon.
The interest is so great that they have limited the number of participants.

God ... what will you do today? I want to follow you and praise you for all you do without me and through me. Ingvar

11 november 2013

Mercy & Compassion- a sign

I just had a phonecall from Pat she is one of my friends and is working in our TOL office in CM.
She had stopped her motorcycle beside a homeless man, lying on the footpath between the Christian Hospital and the Theological Faculty. She felt the Lord wanted her to stop and check on this old man.
In all his dirt and poverty she saw something beautiful in this old man. She bought him some bread and water and he smiled at her as she handed it to him.
Today she went to check on him again and she believes he is dying. In the meantime she visited several churches to try to awaken their mercy or compassion but the response was either, we are busy praying or  this is this mans life and  destiny, why should we care.
She has called several friends, and she has been to 2 policestations to ask them help the man, NOBODY CARES.
I live 940 km away. I can feel her burning passion as she is allowed to feel what Father feels.
And maybe her passion has an ounce of frustration and anger in it too over where the Church of today is at. And I think of the word in Luke 6:35-36 which I understand as follows: Mercy & Compassion is the sign that we are Children of the Father.
I have been in Pat's shoes. Once I turned a church board meeting upside down because of my passion for the poor and vulnerable, the alcohol and drug addicts and the young who were at risk. While the church had other priorities.

My own anger might not have been so good, but I believed then that it was right and clean. And at that time I didn't care what people thought of me. 
I said to Pat today. I know what it is to know the Fathers heart, and also how to feel totally inadequat or helpless. But as long as you do that which Father asks of you in the situation, then others has to answer to God what they have not done.
Mercy and compassion is absolute necessary for  the survival of our hearts.
Without it we will die of spiritual cardiosclerosis.   

2 november 2013

In Chiang Mai a few days.

Oh really... long time no see you on this blog.

We are happy, well and into a lot of work. The first month in Ubon has been full of open doors and .... we see the Lords guidance. The people in the community and in the few churches there are welcoming us with open arms.

Now we are in Chiang Mai a few days. Today is a Appreciation Dinner/Service in Tree of Life for all who has been serving.  Also that the ministry in Chiang Mai will continue, in the local churches.

Next week we are 4 days in Bangkok. Life serving God and people is .... very exiting. Ingvar 

19 oktober 2013


Now it is in place again. The tree pictures the different seasons. Spring with new leaves and fresh flowers, summer with full grown leaves on the branches, autumn wih fruit and falling leaves, winter with bare branches and snowflakes falling. For almost 35 years Ingvar and I have had this wall hanging printed on a cotton background over the head of our bed.
Many times I have meditated on the seasons it symbolizes. There has been times when I recented the bare cold seasons. And I remember how I've prayed for God to allow me not to have those seasons :-) he did not answer that prayer though. Now the tree is in place again in our new home in Ubon. And we ask Him for a harvest time for this nation.

13 oktober 2013

Our 2 first weeks in Ubon

We are doing very well in Ubon. The house we moved into the 1st Oct is a small, very good house for us two. Near to everything. We feel we are position in the center.

The people we meet are welcoming us warmly.  Christians are not many and the Christian ministers are …. too few for the work. Therefore the work is too much for each of them.
We pray that it will be:
a) More serving the living God. Both laymen and clergy. We meet people who as a calling.
b) More delegations to others.
c)  More Life…. into the structures.

May God bless Ubon with a new Life …. in individuals, in the families, in the Churches/organizations and in the communities. Ingvar 

1 oktober 2013

THANK YOU ....God`s People of Chiang Mai

We came to Chiang Mai June 1991 and yesterday morning (after 22 years plus) we left by car for UBON Ratchathani. We look back on a very good and wonderful 22 years chapter working in and out of Chiang Mai together with you.

Thank you all wonderful friends and coworkers in many churches, in many organizations and in the community in Chiang Mai for everything. You have been a great blessing for us.
These are not empty words. We really mean it from our whole heart.

Now a new chapter starts, but we have not forgotten the Chiang Mai one. You are written on our hearts.
We hope to keep in touch also in:

                                         (=  Joining our hearts together for Ubon.)

Be blessed from heaven…. in Chiang Mai
Ingvar & Anna  

23 september 2013

Saying goodbye

Today I spent sometime sorting through what plants to bring along to Ubon and what plants to leave  for someone else to enjoy. Even this is a 'saying goodbye'. Talking to myself: Maybe they will not appreciate them, maybe the new family cannot wait until the plants brings forth flowers and will just chuck them away. Some orchids only buds once a year. They don't know that this ugly plant is a rare orchid with beautiful flowers. And the ones I have nurtured and multiplied by cuttings, will they  appreciate, the way I do. The huge coffee plant, the  orchids the funny goatshaped leaves, the lillies...
I realize that I cannot expect that any successor will nurture and care the way that I have nurtered and multiplied and loved these plants, because they have not spent their energy and love on them, and there is a high risk of being thrown away before ''they can prove themselves''. The same way the garden speak about the people I have invested in through many years. Many beautiful people, but some came to me quite ugly, messed up, starving for love, beaten and bruised. They were nurtered, loved, fed and some are blooming, others have multiplied but our successors have not seen what they were.
This is part of life. I am entrusting the plants in the hands of the Father. He knows what they were and He knows where they are going.

19 september 2013


Thank you all good friends in Sweden for these 2½ months. We met many of you and some 20 local churches. GREAT.

You have encouraged us a lot to move on into a new pioneer work. We might not like: Transfers,
…..but still they are very very important.

We have seen that there is a special anointing and power when the local church sends us out. We feel indeed sent out for a new pioneer work
from the body of Christ in Sweden >>>>>>>>> to the body of Christ Thailand.

Woow. What a divine and high calling.
My believe that: These days we need God more and we need each other more.

Now we are in Chiang Mai 2 weeks staying at Tree of Life. We now want to finish our 22 years in this city ... in the very best way possible. We believe and see that God is calling many in this town to go out to new unreached people who need to get out into God's new freedom. Ingvar

14 september 2013

Last Sunday for now in Sweden

Yes... we are doing very well, serving in different ways right now here in Sweden. Today is the last Sunday in a local church and ... tomorrow we are going from Gothenburg and coming to Chiang Mai the 17th.

Yes....on the 1st Oct we are moving to Ubon for a new chapter in our lifes.

Yes....may God bless you all this Sunday. Ingvar

24 augusti 2013

Today 10:32 a Boy is Born in Borås.

Mr Alfred Sven Trygg was born today 10:32 in Borås. He weighed 4350 grams and was 52 cm long. His arrival was quick this morning and ..... now we have six beautiful grandchildren. Mother Ruth and father Niklas are well. The pediatric nurse/grand-mother Anna is also happy.

Prior to this time in Sweden we had several goals including meeting children and grandchildren also the youngest (now 6 hours old), building a small one room garden house (called Friggebod) and visiting as many Churches as we possible. We have learned over the years to live in different worlds, yet to be 100% present in the one we are in right now. You can say: To be in the same place with the spirit, the soul and the body.

At the same time (it's hard to explain) we are part of the work in Asia. The planning of our new work in Ubon is coming on more and more, and … it feels like we are entering a "fully ripe" but tough task.

Tomorrow we will visit Mantorp. It will be very good to meet our new and old friends there.
Greetings from a happy grandfather. Ingvar

14 augusti 2013

See-Thank God-take courage

We all daily consume courage, hope, encouragement and inspiration. And if we do not refuel, we all will soon run on empty. I am often reminded on the steps Paul took:

Step 1. He saw them
Step 2. He thanked God
Step 3. He took courage.
Paul had had a tough journey, but still he had been able to be part of giving new courage to 264 passengers. Now he needed to refill him selves.

It`s looks easy. And maybe.... it's simpler than we often think.

Anna and I are now visiting every weekend several churches in Sweden. In total some18 of them. And the interesting thing is that after every meeting you go home with new courage. Acts 28:15 works.
I have for a long time been dreaming of putting up a small Garden House. Now it is almost ready. We are thankful to many friends who has helped us and ..... for good weather. Some have asked. How does it look? Will tell you more on this after we moved in. We are happy to also, these days, prepare for Ruamchai4Ubon. Ingvar
                                Rune & Birgitta with us at the first "fika" in the house.

28 juli 2013

We are 2½ months in Sweden

We are doing well in Sweden these 2½ months. It`s true, it`s different worlds, but still the Global Culture People are everywhere. Some are still living in "their own local world", but the global people concept are becoming the majority. 

Anna is 1 month on leave from InterAct and working as a Nurse in a local Medical Centre for elderly people.  I understand she is a blessing there as well.
I am building a Garden House for us to stay in when we come short term to Sweden.

We have a house but we are renting it out and ….. need somewhere to stay. It was really a answered of prayer that we had no rain in Bleket for 27 days, so we could build the small house (15 sq meter) without a drop of rain on it, before the roof and the paint was on. PTL.
For me to build by hands are relaxing from my ordinary work, building people, families, churches and congregations.

Anna and I are both active during the weeks, but mainly on the weekends to speak in churches. This week we also have a missionary Conference.  

May God bless you building and equipping people for building up people, families, churches and the communities …. on many different levels. Ingvar

16 juli 2013

Building a small Garden House

We are now in Sweden 2½ month for work and holiday. It^s good to link up again with people in the society and in the churches. I understand that many Swedes have a genuine zeal and desire to serve others who are weak, poor or... lost. But how to do it....?

Now a few weeks I am working with my hands ... building a 15 m2 Garden House, called a Friggebod.
We hope to move from a caravan to the Garden House within about 10-15 days. So far it has been wonderful weather. Not a drop of rain on the new building.

Anna is working a month in a Home Medical Centre here at Tjörn. She and I (together, sometimes in different places) will attend and participate in various services on weekends until 16th September. God is opening doors also in this country. Ingvar

6 juli 2013

How Great Thou Art

The day before yesterday Benjamin and I went to Mönsterås (between Oskarshamn and Kalmar) to get parts for our garden one-room-house. Suddenly I saw the sign: Carl Boberg Gård (Farm)  and .... we drove 2-3 km outside Mönsterås and there it was:

We did not go in (it is private property) but the song sang in me.

How Great Thou Art" is a Christian hymn based on a Swedish poem written by Carl Gustav Boberg (1859–1940) in Sweden in 1885. The melody is a Swedish folk song. It was translated into English by British missionary Stuart K. Hine, who also added two original verses of his own composition. It was popularized by George Beverly Shea and Cliff Barrows during the Billy Graham crusades.  It was voted the United Kingdom's favourite hymn by BBC's Songs of Praise. "How Great Thou Art" was ranked second (after "Amazing Grace") on a list of the favorite hymns of all time in a survey by Today's Christian magazine in 2001.

Boberg wrote the poem "O Store Gud" (O Great God) in 1885 with nine verses. According to J. Irving Erickson:

Carl Boberg and some friends were returning home to Mönsterås from Kronobäck, where they had participated in an afternoon service. Nature was at its peak that radiant afternoon. Presently a thundercloud appeared on the horizon, and soon sharp lightning flashed across the sky. Strong winds swept over the meadows and billowing fields of grain. The thunder pealed in loud claps. Then rain came in cool fresh showers. In a little while the storm was over, and a rainbow appeared.

When Boberg arrived home, he opened the window and saw the bay of Mönsterås like a mirror before him… From the woods on the other side of the bay, he heard the song of a
thrush…the church bells were tolling in the quiet evening. It was this series of sights, sounds, and experiences that inspired the writing of the song.

I think the song "How Great Thou Art ..." from Mönsterås is available in all languages ​​of the world, where there is a Christian church. I have been to many small and large churches also "in the Middle of no-where", where it is sung with great devotion in their own heart language.

The question is not
how many languages ​​it is translated to, but is it singing in my heart ... also today. Ingvar

Was it on this road the thunder and nature inspired Boberg? 

22 juni 2013

We investigate our homecity to be.

We are in Ubon looking for a place to live and are trying to get some understanding of what is going on in the province. Meeting with various people both national and international. We arrived Thursday morning and as we had booked in at a small hotel near the AOG Church so we decided to drop in and say hi to the pastor. The husband immediately suggested a house on the same street which was for rent and helped contacting the owner. She called us back the same afternoon making an appointment for us to see the house the next day.

We rented a MC and took a ride around the city to get some orientation.

Through a new friend in Chiang Mai we had a contact(her family) in the city and they wanted us to meet in the afternoon for a meal together and they had a small and beautiful place they wanted us to see, just by the River Moon. It’s good to meet the local people, spend time and hear their stories. What is going on in their lives and what are their concerns.

A neighbor dropped in and he was tragically drunk, we were told he was demoted from a high position in a provincial department and was now on the lowest level of position within his department. Alcohol was not the root problem, but most probably a way to cover his shame of loosing face. Poor man, I pray he will find the One who took our shame.

Alcohol though is a huge problem in Isaan.

On Friday we spent most of the day with 3 friends travelling the city finding the churches and organisations and praying for and blessing them as we were travelling past. We had a thousand questions to ask our 3 friends and they had some for us. A very profitable time.

At 5pm we went to see the little house and meet the landlady. The house is a bit small but location is perfect. A place where we can be reached easily, is important to us. On Wednesday we will give the landlord our yes or no.

Thanks for praying for us. God is good. And I am sure we will be able to make a new home also in this city.

Love Anna

19 juni 2013

From Juniper Tree to Ubon

We have had 3 good days at the Juniper Tree Pranburi with Covenant Foundation. Christian, Lisette, Anna and I (+20 others) had good days at the Covenant Annual Meeting. Interesting to see how CF is growing. 1987 Kjell B. and Dr. Krassanai were the founders of Covenant Foundation.

Tomorrow we will travel to Ubon. We are there 4 days and prepare for the future. Including looking for a flat/house to stay in. I love:

  • to Dream,
  • to Plan
  • and to See it realized.
But this task/mission is big so it is 100% clear that it is not possible without your prayers. Ingvar

13 juni 2013

The general Call and the specific Call

I have been meditating on the call of God, as I was running between the washing machine and the packing boxes. Surprisingly there arrived an article as well on Elijah List talking about > When the Lion roars His Call is nor tame. I know there are a general calling of God for all His children. To follow Jesus, to love Him with all our hearts all our strength …. And to love our neighbor as ourselves. This call is unavoidable and important.

Then there is the specific calling: you know that you know….kind of thing from the time we were born or even before birth. The assignment God has on our life might be to a specific place, nation, people group, or a particular task or office. For some of us we carry it in our heart like a baby or gift or talent and we treasure it and move or run to the place where it will be invested and or deliver it.

I see a trend in missions that the assignments are so professionalized that we don't have the interest, or sensitivity or patience with those who carry a specific call. And we might lose them. And some of them have to go and pursue it by them self. Becoming vulnerable and at risk as they lack the opportunity to have a social structure or the belonging to a network where they can be accountable, loved and encouraged.

I know there is more to this but something to trigger our thoughts and prayers for those at risk.

Love Anna

8 juni 2013

To be walking alongside....

To be walking alongside...

Sometimes we walk alongside someone for 10 years or more, sometime it is a week or just some hours listening to someone’s story. But being available walking with them, comforting, praying, crying or laughing with them is what we are supposed to do if we are friends and part of the community.

Today one of my friends found some ugly physical evidence of witchcraft in her home. Someone with a very sick mind was trying to force something to happen, using dark spiritual power. After destroying the cursed objects and praying to break the curse and harm they were meant to do, she recovered quickly from the symptoms of headaches, vomiting and confusion.

For days before this breakthrough I found myself sighing ‘’Father, oh Father HELP!!’’ almost all the time, and I was thinking: if ever Father will be bored with my sighing, it is now.

We walk alongside by, encouraging, praying, sighing, loving and cheering people on. We are not walking down here on this earth for ourselves but together and to make a difference together and for the Kingdom of God.

Love Anna

5 juni 2013

God Bless Sweden today!!!

It is easy to be a Swedish overseas. Also to work with others abroad. Even if we are not living in Sweden we are proud and grateful to be Swedes and do everything we can to be ambassadors for Sweden and for the Kingdom of God.

Thanks Swedish Christopher A. for the picture.

Many of you, not born in Sweden, are more ambassadors for Sweden than us born in Sweden.
God bless Sweden and all Swedes ...... no matter where we are born. Ingvar

31 maj 2013

Go... leaving behind a trail for other to follow.

I had a good day yesterday in UB (Ulaan Baatar) working with projects. There are 3 ways to go forward:

a) To continue like we are: Doing it better and bigger.
b) To go more into training and networking.
c) To close it. And help it to be reborn into more national ways.

Last night I came to UB railway station and remembered when we 1984 came through here… the whole family on the way by train to Sweden. I missed my family. Good there is Spype these days.

Waking up this morning on the train I looked out:
I Iooked in my telephone and saw a good facebook message:

ASSI always going where there no path and leaving behind a trail to follow.

Good words: I have now been 3 times to Erdenet. My prayer is that I will be a pioneer and leaving behind me a trail for other to follow. Its good to came back so the trail will be more clear and deeper. Ingvar

29 maj 2013

Can't help but....

In the middle of the packing-mess, Joy(Pat) came over with some food from the market. She told me:
"You know Ajarn, yesterday there was another lady who wanted to follow Jesus." Joy was visiting one of our friends at the Mental Hospital. Another patient was disturbing so Joy asked if she could pray for her. Of course! And it ended up or I think we should say it all started with Jesus!
I have been listening to Joy during a couple of months, she's been studying some churches in the city to see if she could find a church who would welcome, show some humanity and ordinary human respect for those who are little special or odd, poor or having a low IQ. She shares her experience with me after she takes some of her now special sheep there, and it is as if this is what Jesus sees when He visits our churches. I wonder if they would let Jesus in or welcome Him if He would come in their being or form. And actually He does come in their being doesn't He!!   
Joy can't help but share life with those who are at the bottom in the eyes of the society.
The last thing she said as she was leaving: "Jesus said I wasn't to worry about these sheep, because He is with them." Yeah!!
Mission in Thailand can be so beautiful, if you look at it through the eyes of Jesus.

25 maj 2013

Graduation and Psalm 23

Our life is full of different types of graduations. Not only academic graduations. They are kind of milestones in our life. One distance is past and we enter a new. It is Graduation Season and Psalm 23 is so beautifully covering the things we might face and the provisions of the Shepherd for this new season of our life when we are His sheep……
“The Lord is my Shepherd;
I shall not want.
He makes me lie down in green pastures;
He leads me beside still waters.
He restores my soul;
He leads me in paths of righteousness
For His Name’s sake.
Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
I will fear no evil;
For You are with me;
Your rod and staff, they comfort me.
You prepare a table for me in the presence of my enemies;
You anoint my head with oil;
My cup runs over.
Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me
All the days of my life;
And I will dwell in the house of the Lord

Our 'extra' Grandson Christopher's Graduation
and the whole Family Runegrund.

Congratulations Christopher!!