19 maj 2010

We are doing well, but.....Thailand?

We are doing well. Happy to reconnect with friends, relatives and churches. We have rented a summerhouse at the west coast Island called Tjörn.
But of cause, we are concern for the work in Asia. Especially right now for the situation in Thailand. We pray for peace and harmony among all groups of people in that country. For us:

  • To be far away - is not easy.
  • To be too close - is dangerous.
  • To be nearby - is the best.

We are updating the routines of sharing and keeping in touch both concerning the Present Situation and the Crises Plan.

EMMANUEL = God with us, whatever happens. One thing is sure: In time of need, the local people needs us, more than ever. Ingvar

11 maj 2010

1:st travel in Sweden - right now by car.

Anna and I are now on our first (for this year) longer travel in Sweden. We are going to our HQs at Örebro and to the INTERACT Annual Congress at Torp. Exciting. Anna is driving and … I am on the internet.
The weather this springtime is beautiful. The nature is coming alive. The goals for this year are many, but the main ones are to be in the midst of the Swedish Church Life and the Swedish Community Life. That’s exciting. I am happy to be able to meet many good old friends, but also many new ones. The Swedes are really friendly people.

Anna is driving and I am sending this blog to you at 100 Km/hours. We hope to do many journeys together this year, but…. sometimes we will have to travel separately. One thing is sure: We want to bless this beautiful country this year. May God Bless Sweden. Ingvar

9 maj 2010

Going Green – and waiting for our Souls.

It’s told about a traveeling Japanese man. I don’t remember if he travelled by Train or by Airplane. After arriving, he sat down on a chair on the station or at the Airport. Someone asked him:”Why are you sitting here?” He replied:”I am waiting for my Soul”.

We feel a little bit like that, right now. Our bodies and our sprits are here, but our souls needs more time to arrive.
We enjoy experiencing the Swedish nature turning green. Beautiful. Everything is coming alive around us after a very cold winter. At the same time we are “landing” into a rented house here at Gullfjäll, on the Island called Tjörn.

A mobile broadband is helping us to stay connected to the work in Asia, even this year. We need God`s help to be 100% present in Sweden, and …. at the same time fully work for the extension of the Kingdom of God among the crowds of people in Asia.
Life is good ….... and very exiting. Ingvar

4 maj 2010

Arrived in Sweden.... yet another step.

We have arrived and all is well. So many impressions that first bombards our 'Asianized' souls. Sweet welcoming of our children Ruth and Benjamin. The temperature 7 degree C, crisp and clear air, the beautiful spring flowers, and new baby leaves of the birch trees. Drinking water from the city water tap. The black and gray business like dress code(early morning airport population) and the non smiling faces.
We thank God for all who helped and served us and got us on our way, leaving Asia. I will miss you. And thank God for our family who received us with sweet hugs and help us to our next step to our new place of living(on Tjörn) to start this season in Sweden.
Love Anna