28 januari 2020

Pioneer cry

Now is time for Pioneer work. Places are crying;"…..Come over to Macedonia and help us." Acts 16;9  Come over to Ubon Pakse and help us.
Reach the Unreached with:
           1.     Prayer
           2.     Bring Awarness
           3.     Support a Missionary
           4.     Go

Anna and Lampuang left this morning … to work 2-3 days at the other side of the river.

Now it`s time for Pioneer work…. into new unreached areas. 
Be Blessed with many spiritual Babies. Fred

16 januari 2020

Smile, Smile ... and disappear.

There are many different kind of conflict solutions in the world today. Different cultures are practising different methods. Some are trying to solve problems by showing strength, threatening or even speaking on war. Others like here in Isaan and Laos many use the method: Smile, Smile and disappear.

To "Smile, Smile and disappear" looks first harmful, but it is really very destructive for everyone, especially for the children, for the weak. They will blame themselves and thinking that they are the root of the problems. And if you start to running, because of problems, you have to run the whole life. Because there are problems everywhere.
We are praising God for wonderful coworkers we have here in Ubon-Pakse.
1. They are really humble and invite the Helper, the Holy Spirit. And they forgive each other.
2. They are good example for others how to love one another and help with Grace.

By having a forgiving spirit, everyone is helped. And everyone can grow.

In new pioneer areas like here in Isaan and in Laos, the path of forgiveness needs to be more and more visible through us who have the Helper the Holy Spirit in us. We do not give up with each other or run, but solve the conflicts, with the help of God and people.

Then we get a living and strong testimony of God's mighty deeds .... in the middle of everyday life.

One Mission/Church matter: Here in Isaan and Laos, mission workers from different countries also Smile, Smile and Disappear ...... without passing on to othere their "learning experiences". To evaluate. To share the plus and the minus experiences to us who are left ..... all will be strengthened.

11 januari 2020

The venue is too small. New challenges

The 'The Community (Training) Center' here in Ubon has become too crowded. After several months of prayer and searching, the Church: Streams of Grace (13 months old) has now taken an exciting step to hire a shop-space. This is a better central place with possibility for development. Now during the coming 3 weeks it will be renovated and then we can begin to have the Church activities including the long-awaited Ubon Music Café.
Many young people between the ages of 13 and 15 are living in the risk zone of being tempted to quit school, take drugs and lock themselves up in a room. Therefore, a safe place is needed where young people can study, have some cheap refreshment with a mature mentor and learn to play music instruments.

On Thursday, after signing the house contract, we went to a nearby Cafe and talked to the Cafe owners. We said that the Church: Streams of Grace will move to the neighborhood on February 1st.

Oh, one of the owners said, "I've been thinking of becoming a Christian." Then Rose and Jeet took the opportunity to tell her about the Christian life.

Exciting to have a city-pioneer congregation in the middle of society. Grateful if you can join in prayer and if you can come helping practically or provide financial start-up support. Very Welcome. Now the premises need to be furnished and equipped.

At the same time, Child Safe is now getting better room to develop themselves in The Community (Traning) Center. Here you can read the new Home page. It is not yet complete.

Yes 2020 will be a creative pioneer-church-planting-year. Have a blessed weekend.

3 januari 2020

2020 - a year of Mercy

I saw a New Year's greeting from Sebastian Stakset, that I said AMEN to:
Happy New Year! 
2020 is the year of Mercy. A year in which the Church stops looking inward and instead opens its doors and hearts and looks outward to the broken world that needs to meet God's love. 

Yes, 2020 is a year of Mercy for people here in Isaan and Laos. People that are struggling and need God's love. Mercy Ministry here is indeed a Pioneer work for people who have lost their value. And people that are broken needs time to be build up by God's and people`s Agape love.

2 songs that are singing in me:

No Longer slave to fear   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f8TkUMJtK5k
Way Maker                      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cHoGEDQQ67o

Have a blessed Mercy Year 2020 together with people struggling.  God is a Way Maker also for them. 

Another good "way" song is:  

God, we thank you that this year of 2020 ...... we can, by your mercy, both inside and outside have a new song .... on our path of life. Also everyone broken.