22 juni 2010

Ruth & Niklas

Saturday the 19th of June, on the great wedding day of Sweden, when our Crownprincess Victoria married her Prince Daniel, one of our princesses in the family, Ruth was married to her Prince Niklas. The beautiful wedding ceremony was held in the Redbergs Park in Gothenburg among many relatives and friends. The Bride and Groom were very beautiful. We rejoiced with them and we bless them and their future together. They will live in Gothenburg and will take the family name Trygg (meaning: secure). A proud and happy father of the bride conducted the ceremony.
Love Anna(a proud mother of the bride)

12 juni 2010

¨The head doesn't swell as long as the eyes are leaking.¨

I am listening to a message from last year by Mikael Alfv'en and this was the title of his message, and it speaks heaps. Our eyes are leaking when we are humbled and sometimes humiliated. They leak when we are before God in prayer. Tears when His mercy overwhelms us and we realize our own 'filthy clothes'.
Our eyes are often leaking when we minister to those in need, the broken, the hungry, the outcasts, those whom nobody wants to touch.
Interact is challenging the churches to take responsibility to pray for Sweden during this year 2010-2011. I believe many eyes will start to leak. And the humility that comes with 'leaking eyes' will break the pride that keeps our nation away from God.
It is a good timing for Sidney (Worapong Jariyapruttipong) to come to Sweden in August. I believe that the challenge he has for Europe, to fast and pray for breakthrough will cause our 'leaking eyes' to make a river. There might be many methods for revival. This is the ancient one and a proven one.
Love Anna

7 juni 2010

Blessing others

Yesterday we had the Swedish National Day. Before 6th June 1983 the day was just the National Swedish Flag Day, but now it’s the Swedish National day.

I am happy to be a Swede and that we can bless other nations and promote good relationships. Sometimes Swedish people misbehave in other countries, but, ….. most I believe, we are promoting growth and development on many levels.

Yesterday, here in Sweden, Anna and I visited a church attended by many nationalities. We do indeed living these days in a time when we meet many different people groups, wherever we are. And we can be relating to other individuals, families, churches, societies and countries…. in a creative and open way, blessing them. Exiting! Ingvar