28 april 2019

Sing to the Lord a new song

More and more we find here in Isaan-Laos that worship is a key. All Churches that are growing have a living and creative worship.

This has nothing to do with music style or the quality of the music. Some of the worship is more celebration, some more intimacy.  Some faster, some slower. 

   I'll bring you more than a song
   For a song in itself
   Is not what you have required

   I'm coming back to the heart of worship
   And it's all about you,
   It's all about you, Jesus

Last Friday and Saturday we attended a Worship seminar in Jai Samarn Church in Bangkok. Very very good. Pastor Meeta, Tom Inglis and others really showed the way of worship, as a Jesus centred open-heart-life-style.

Tom was indeed a very "fresh" worshipper. He shared about that Worship is  first of all: Thanksgiving of the salvation. Thankful for all God has done and is doing.

Worship (all kinds of styles) can be:
First:  A fresh open heart. The glory of Jesus in me that is shining out to others
     Also:   A music experience. Good music that gives me good joyful feelings.

We are happy for the anointed worship leaders we have here in Streams of Grace Church, Ubon. Yes, we are all hungry for an even more growing living, creative new song worship in Ubon. The music style is not the centre. 


18 april 2019

Meaningful Easter 2019

Have a meningful Easter 2019

Now we have the possibility this Easter 2019 to discover more of the real meaning of Easter. I will never forget when was 12 year old and went on the Good Friday went up on a small hill, behind where we lived in Sweden. And I had a very meningful Easter experiance.

Some glimpses this Easter week of 2019 from Ubon-Pakse.
Every year we have a retreat in the work of Ruamchai4Ubon here in Ubon-Pakse. This year we are 2-3 days at Smileland near the Lao border.

Some are full-time, some part-time and some are family members. We have the blessing to have Börje and Anna Brask from Kvarnsveden Sweden with us this retreat. They are a blessing for us.

We are happy to desplay and live out the Jesus Resurrection Power here in this unreached area. Ingvar (Fred)

9 april 2019

Encouragment from good friends

We are so thankful for all our friends. And... we have maaaany. Two of them are Christopher and Britta. They are truly inspiring us. Today Christopher wrote some very good word on his fb;

For some older missionaries and field ministers who have been advised by "well-meaning people" that they must retire:
                    If your body is well, 
                    if your mind is sharp and clear, 
                    if you can still hear from God, 
                    if your church is still growing, 
                    if people are still getting Saved and Healed, 
                    if your ministry is still fruitful, 
then you must keep on preaching the Word of God. The Gifts and the Calling of God are Irrevocable. Spending the rest of your days doing nothing is not an option. You may resign from your pastorate to hand the church over to a younger man, but be there speaking and preaching wisdom to the next generation. 
For Missionaries, Evangelists, and Field Ministers, we will preach until we die with our boots on.
Keep on Believing God for Divine Health and strength in mind and body. Stay in the Word and in Prayer. Keep on fulfilling your Destiny! 
Thank you so much Brother for these words.
Our learning experience is that pioneer areas like Ubon-Pakse needs spiritual parents and spiritual grandparents. Welcome to join.

Prov. 11:14 Where there is no counsel, the people fall;
But in the multitude of counselors there is safety.