22 april 2024

Thank you.

My experience is that in "The Church with its Mission" I have many wonderful friends. 

I was very happy to receive the invitation to preach in the Church in Ed on April 21, 2024. I felt it right to celebrate my birthday in Dalsland. 

Anna and our granddaughter Anna celebrated me in Bleket at 06:30. After that I went north. In Bäckefors, I went around the hospital where I was born 74 years ago. I was filled with gratitude to God and people for a very safe upbringing and a very exciting life ... so far.                                       

I continued to Ed and we had a blessed service. They sang "Happy Birthday to you" also. 

I was invited for good food. In Betel Klädesholmen I was very encouraged to listen to Carl Gustav Severin. No one can fall asleep at his meetings.

Back home, I got more CONGRATULATIONS ---- "over me". Thank you all dear friends. 

We are happy for a very good Fri-Sat-Sun in Ubon. Ajarn Khampee, his wife and team from Prachuab have had very good meetings. Free from Fear. Now this week they have a children/youth camp From Zero to Hero.
Grateful greetings from Ingvar (Fred) 

11 april 2024

More space ..... in the community.

 We are really in a creative pioneer work in the community:                      

More and more people are coming to Ubon Music Cafe, Bakery, Streams of Grace Church and Child Safe. Therefore we need more space, better kitchen +++.

Now are are starting to rent 2 more rooms so that more people can enter this open-meeting-place-in-the-community. Enlarge the place of your tent, and let the curtains of your habitations be stretched out; do not hold back; lengthen your cords and strengthen your stakes". Isa 54:2  

The focus is not on walls, floor or ceilings but people. We prioritize;

Step 1. God leads us out among people who cry out to God for help. And when we are coming to them in the "mud" (= mud), we see it as an answer to prayer. Everyone, even in great problems with pain and "brokenness" all children-teenagers-middle aged-elderly, are welcomed and valuable. I heard Simon Sinek and one other person talk about "My job is to sit in the mud with you". Very good as step 1. Click here.

Step 2. We don't get stuck down there "in-the-mud". Not just try to learn to handle the life in the "mud" or just get band-aids. No, together with our Good Shepherd we go up, out out the "mud" into freedom. The Good news: Jesus, can lead us together all "out of the mud".

Step 3. Then we become living examples for others, so they too can do the same.

                                                    Pray for: 

Next week Fri-Sat-Sun April 19-20-21 we have special meetings.                                                      Victory over fear.    

And on April 23-24-25 there is a children/youth camp in Ubon. From Zero to Hero. This is a "Left Behind" program with Barnmissionen.

Grateful for those of you who join and support this work in prayer and gifts:
                 A. Into the usual work and
                 B. Into extra interventions 

Feel free to write to us at ingvaranna@ruamchai4ubon.org and we will cooperate with you in both A and B. 

Enclosed you will find some pictures from the repair. The landlord gives low rent, but he is not doing any repairs.

Thank you, dear pioneer-worker-friends, for your participation. Ingvar (Fred)