14 mars 2011

Angels do exist!

It took three weeks for the angel to deliver the answer to Daniels prayers. An angel just dropped by to deliver the answer to my prayers. Fathers angel who delivered to Daniel, knew his messenger mission. I pray the angel who just dropped by, will understand that her thought was Fathers thought and the fact that she obeyed, brought joy to Father and to me. It became a message to me, that Fathers knows and cares about my small needs(He has so many others to care for right now, in Japan and Egypt and Libya and, and... )and He knows what color I like, my style and my size. That is awesome!

5 mars 2011

An unexpected blessing

I stood leaning over one of our patients tending to her needs, when suddenly, without any warning she opened her mouth and carefully said: ''May God's Blessing be upon you''. She had never in 8 months of care said anything like it. It felt like I just had a shower of refreshing coming down on me from heaven. The power of good words is amazing. Let's practice it a bit more, being blessed blessers.
Love Anna