26 april 2014

HOPE...in The "Blessings" Restaurant

Tomorrow we have the second service .... in the midst of the society. In Pon (=Blessing) Restaurant we will share HOPE.

Pray with us that God`s Hope and God`s Blessings will touch and move supernaturally in a very gentle and "natural" way. Ingvar

19 april 2014

Happy Easter Greeting from the East

A friend of ours in Taiwan sent this, this Easter Sunday morning and ...... it`s so true. It`s hard to understand it all, but..... The Jesus Resurrection Power works .... in real life 2014.

I use right now (even if I don`t understand it all) the power of internet. and w.w.w. And it works .... all over the World.

I don`t understand how the Resurrection Power of Jesus works ... but it works in me and all over the world. As we wake up this Easter Sunday morning from the East to the West, yes.... it`s available for us all in all circumstances.
The wisdom from the East this Easter Sunday Morning is: Live it - it works! A happy man in the east:


17 april 2014

Thank You for the Cross My Friend

Wish you all a meaningful Easter.

You took my penalty of death and hell - that I might receive eternal life.
You took my curse - that I might receive blessings.
You took my sins - to give me your righteousness.
You were rejected - so that I can belong.
You were abandoned - so that I can be at home in you.
You were tempted - to stand with me in my temptations.
You took my pain,  my wounds - that I may be healed.
You, the Lamb of God- opened not your mouth -  to give me a voice.
You took my grief and sorrow – to give me joy.
You were bound  - to break my chains and set me free.
Your heart was broken – that my heart would be healed.
Thank You my Friend! 

10 april 2014

The fruit is falling into our hands...

The fruit is falling into our hands...
After having lunch today at the foodcourt of Tesco Lotus, I needed to drop into our bank to update the bankbooks of the organisation. The young bank woman who I have met a few times earlier, didn't really listen to what I wanted. But it seemed she was full of questions just waiting for me to drop by so she could get them off her chest.

Q: What can I do to make God accept me?
A: Nothing that you can do, but believe in Jesus Christ......
Q: What more can I do so that God will love me more?
A: God loves you already in full measure. There is nothing more you can do to make Him love you more.
Her big beautiful eyes starts to fill with tears. She speaks really fast and in a hushed voice, I understand she doesn't wan't her collegues to hear.
Q: What will you teach me if I come to the meeting at the restaurant? Sorry I couldn't come last month?
A: I said we will share who Jesus is and what He has done for you and me.
Q: Will you teach religion?
A: It's about having a relationship with God not a religion. Religion cannot help me, but knowing Jesus as a friend that is the key.

I have never in my life encountered such openness in a society.
It feels like the fruit is so ripe it's falling into our hands. All glory to Jesus!
Thanks for praying with us for the harvest. Keep on praying.
Love Anna

6 april 2014

Establish You and Encourage You

Samuel is from Taiwan and Pure is from Khantaralak near Ubon in Thailand. They met when they studied at the University of Linköping in Sweden.

Samuel and Pure were married and now living in Basel in Switzerland.

Samuel comes from a CHC church is Sing Fong in Taiwan. We have met his father and mother in Taiwan. And..... his mother is coming with a mission team to Ubon in August this year.

Pure is from a church in Khantaralak. I preached there one Sunday last month.

Serving God is exiting. We meet new people and people we have meet before. Some are friends to our friends. And .... in the Family of God... we feel one with them all. Bible often speaks about that we together can:

a) "Establish you"
b) "Encourage you"

Yes .. it works. Be Blessed from heaven this week. Ingvar