27 februari 2013

Young people; Take a time in a Team!

The Mission boat Elida meant a lot to me as a youngster. Also, the OM's ships blessed me:

First Logos in Paradip, India. One week during the period 30 March to 23 April 1974th I'll never forget my first Easter morning Sunday abroad, with Sunrise Service at Logos, Easter 1974.
Duolos in Gothenburg during the period 1 November -13 November 1984.
• And now Logos Hope here in Bangkok .... yesterday.

Madeleine P, took very good care of me. She introduced me to many young people from many countries and even to some older, who have been with OM since the 70's. 400 are now working on Logos Hope and they were very pleased with the response they get in Bangkok. They sell more books, yes more Christian books than expected.

I am more convinced than ever that it is very good for young people to spend some time in a Christian Teamwork. They will be blessed for life time.

Do as I: Go to the Logos Hope in Bangkok, buy books and be blessed by lovely young people. Go there before the 11th of March 2013.


22 februari 2013

Going east 15 hours.

The last few weeks have been very intensive. Many meetings and many friends have been here. They have lifted us up in different ways. We also hope that we have lifted them up. It is interesting that when God is with us ...... we lift each other higher. But, if we do not give room for God among us....... we will push each other down. And hurt each other.

We were blessed last weekend to have Richard S. here. He comes from Mymensingh in northern Bangladesh. His wife worked as a doctor at Mother & Child Health Clinic in Mohammedpur, Dhaka when we were there. They now live in the US.

We have also been blessed to having Kjell and Birgitta with us for 10 days. Very valuable and rewarding. Also we had Berndt S here for a day.

Last week also important decisions have also been taken. The biggest of them is that we will move from Chiang Mai after 22 years. Hopefully October 1, 2013 to move eastward to Ubon Ratchathani. It's challenging, but also exiting. This will be a Church Planting Work... in the community, together with the Nationals in Ubon and several missions. In Ubon there are now only 0.119% Christians among 1.8 million people. But we clearly feel God's calling to help the national there.

For some time we plan to be back monthly in Chiang Mai.

Before we move 105 mil = 15 hours east, we are now planning the best way how our current work will continue. We think and pray for the "sheep", we have around us closely and in the periphery. To dare to take new steps is a challenge. Ingvar

16 februari 2013

The Race Continues ....... to Ubon

I used to have the understanding that when you’ve passed 50 and have seen, heard and experienced many things, life would become easier and fewer mistakes made etc. This illusion has been crushed. It is certainly not easier!

We have had Chiang Mai as a home base for 22 years. Now we have decided, together with EFK`s leadership, to move to Ubon Ratchathani.

The decision is based on knowledge: there is only 0.119% Christians there among 1.8 million people, fewer than in other areas of the country which has around 1.1% Christians. I’ve told Ingvar many times the last few years, "Chiang Mai is over saturated with Christian activities. It is time for CM to share with and bless the rest of the nation."

But it is also a heart decision. There is joy in my heart to move on. I have an expectation that Jesus has gone ahead and prepared the way for us and we believe that we will see God's grace over this ''godforsaken part of the country'' according to what people say. But God loves Isaan (Eastern region). There is much of trafficking from and through the area. Poverty has made the area a political chess board and black magic and occultism is commonplace. The message of Isaiah 61 is very appropriate.

Normally at our age, this should be the season to slowdown and withdraw. Of course it would be lovely to tend our private garden and build on our own house. The Lord use to remind me, that as we build on his, he will build on ours.

We plan to move to Ubon in October. Many practical details must be resolved and the sheep around us here need prayers, love and care.      With Love Anna

13 februari 2013

The Race Continues

The day I'' suddenly'' turned 61 :-) Isaiah 61 became very much alive to me again.
The next day when I had a morning swim in the pool (no, we don't have a pool, but we use a community pool), I became excited by the fact of ​​being 61, to be healthy and daring to contemplate about change and transition. Not to come under the Swedish (or European) cloud that says: If you are over 50y, you  don't have any thing of value left, to offer the society, and over 60y it's time to pack your bags. I think of Sarah who had Isaac when she was 90.

Isaiah 61 ends in a glorious crescendo after having declared God's view of restoration of his people:
Of healing, freedom, grace, comfort, joy, ruins rebuilt, doubly restored honor etc. So it ends with a picture of  being adorned for a wedding party and a songs of praise emerging and growing up for all to see and hear.

Thank all of you who prayed specifically for Ingvar and me during the last six months, I had not been able to write about our present change with joy and confidence if you had not been around. And thanks to our beloved family who have supported and encouraged us and have shown us so much love in the midst of our pain.

Summary: Hooray for being 61 and to dare thinking that what we have received from God's love, mercy and life, but also of wisdom, experience, language and gifts of various kinds mixed with the trust of the people and family, and now it feels right  and good to declare: WE ARE READY TO CONTINUE THE RACE-!

(And for those who are curious, hold it!!!- more is coming)


2 februari 2013

Servant Leader.... what is that?

Yesterday I met Bijoy and his wife Premi. Bijoy looked very happy after his last week ministering in Sweden. I thanked him for what he have given the Swedes and asked: Did the Swedes take care of you? Yes ... he answered without hesitation. Good, I replied. I am happy because you Indians take very good care of us when we are in India. He smiled even more.

This is indeed Cross-Cultural Missions.

I met also Dino. We have worked together several years in EFICOR in India. I'll never forget when after the Tsunami disaster (26th Dec 2004) Dino and I went January 2005 to Tamil Nadu and worked and walked among those affected. I saw Dino's heart and His Servant Leader capacity. He was 100% servant for those affected and 100% leader of a large organization. It is only in the Kingdom of God we can be this at the same time.

He visited me also in the spring of 2009 after my motorcycle accident. I saw again his Servant Leader capacity. Wow, he took the time to visit me when I felt totally down and totally useless. This is a Servant Leader.

I have had a blessed last week with ministry including with a Church Planting survey. I have met pastors, leaders and members. I meet those burning with a great pioneering heart for church planting, but .. also those who lost the fire.

I am challenged myself to grow in my Servant Leader capacity. To be 100% a bondservant of God but also 100% a leader. Ingvar