23 januari 2015

Maja is Born in Borås 21st Jan 2015

The Good News from Borås in Sweden is that Maja was born 21e January at 03:20 in the morning. She is our 8th grandchild and …. we long to hug her. But we have to do it over Spype until end of May. Ruth and Niklas is happy parents and  Emilie and Alfred happy brother and sister.

Be Blessed Maja from heaven and from grandfather .....every day.   

11 januari 2015

Baan Op Oon

Rejoice with us and especially with all children and young people in Ubon & Pakse that the project: 
is starting up this month. The word Baan Op Oon (directly translated: A warm/safe home) has a very good meaning in Thai. And people are happy when they hear these 3 words together. In English the project is called Child Safe Communities.

We rejoice that Khun Minh Patra has agreed to be responsible for this. Khun Minh has already made a survey and is now ready to start networking and do implementation.
This project will develop Child Welfare & protection Policies, 3-3-5, Good Touch - Bad Touch, and similar materials in Thai and Lao so helpful values will be built up for orphanages, kindergartens, boarding houses, churches, homes and the different societies. 

Some have already material, but now we will help each other to develop them and put them in action. Ingvar