31 mars 2014

The Frequent Travellers first love

My beloved has been a 'Frequent Traveller' for 23 years. The first 10 years together as a couple, the rest of the years most of the journeys alone. I have a secret which will be a secret no more. In preparation before every travel, he will do the checks and repairs  of what ever needs some fixing in the house. He will see to that the MC brakes, tires, lights etc. are in a good condition. He will usually fill the car and MC with petrol. He will buy fresh flowers for me before he leaves.
He is no a FT any more. Today he left for 4 days to Chiang Mai only. And yesterday I found him busy repairing the leaks under the sink and washbasin, fixing this and that....and flowers was on the table when I came home from a meeting. He prepares for his travels so that I will be OK at home, with the little extra touch of tender love and care.
We have been married 41 years, it is true that a marriage takes working on, it doesn't make itself to stay romantic for ever, but it is the little works as it says in Revelation chapter 2 regarding our relationship with Jesus: I have this against you, that you have left your first love. Remember therefore from where you have fallen;turn around(repent) and do the first works.......  Thanks!

22 mars 2014

Today we celebrate Jesus in พร (Blessing) restaurant

Today is the day. We are excited and a little anxious to see who will show up. It really feels like stepping out of the "boat" and walk on "water" yet again in our lives.

Celebration, right in the community along with friends from different Churches who brings their contacts and neighbors. Those who cannot imagine going to a Church, but to a restaurant is OK.

Several are the contacts we have got since we came to Ubon. It really feels like Jesus walks before and we are trying to follow closely behind.

We have some good musicians and singers, etc. 'teamed ' with us from different Churches. This will take Place every 4th Sunday in the month 4 times this spring, then we'll see what the future will be. We hope and pray that several Churches will do the same in their areas. It's part of our mission to show the way to break out of the isolated 'box' that some churches are in, so they will be light in the community.
Hugs Anna

20 mars 2014

A Centre .... with God in the centre.

Today we had our first seminar in The Community (Traning ) Centre here in Ubon . Keith and Joy D. from New Zealand visited us and 25 different leaders and pioneer workers from Ubon came .

We had a good day with teaching, prayer and conversation about church planting in Ubon .

We looked into:
a) The need.
Only 0.15 % Christian .
b) Ways forward.
What works best in Ubon? The big "elephant" churches or the smaller "Rabbit" churches?
In Thailand, it seems best if both types are complementing each other.
c ) Be encouraged.
The fellowship and the word of God encouraged us today and (what we understand),everyone went home encouraged and with much hope .

It felt like all experienced God's presence here today. Otherwise, well...... it's no use to have a Center, unless God himself is the center and touches all who enter. A good sign today was that after Amen ... people did not want to go home. Ingvar

11 mars 2014

Spring cleaning

At the ironing board, or pulling weeds or pruning the rosebushes in the garden..... all these are good places for processing thoughts and good places to discuss with DAD. Somethings you just cannot process on facebook but with DAD it's safe. He hears every sigh, He keeps every teardrop, he stoops to hear our whispers and can even be the ballplank we need when confusing things come rushing at us like a stormwind.
He is the one who knows where we are at. He even understands when our hormons get all mixed up in our emotions. He is the one who created us with the ability  to feel. And sometimes I believe that He allows us to feel what He feels. God has emotions, He created us in His likeness.

Sunday morning I stood in the doorway of our store room, and a sudden rush of air blew through the door from that messy storeroom which still awaits some sparetime and inspiration to sort out and throw away old stuff. The draught immediately made me think of when DAD sometimes blows with His breath through the storerooms of our hearts. We can call it a spring clean.
When we lived on Klädesholmen the spring clean became very obvious. On a sunny day in the springtime every balcony would have racks of cloths for airing. Carpets would be hanging over planks to be beaten. Winter curtains would be changed to something more summer'y.
It is spring and for the Swedes there is a sudden shakening happening in the church. As when one prominent leader in a Charismatic/Faith Church proclaims he is leaving the church he founded to join the Catolic Church. We are shaken, suddenly there is a stormsurge through our memories of the past.
We know that everything that can be shaken shall be shaken in the last days. We know that Dad will deal with His Church first.
My first conclusion is.....this will stir many to ask these questions: Who is my Shepherd? Whom do I follow? Do I allow so called leaders or shepherds making my focus of Jesus obscure? Do I make them more important than my relationship with Jesus?
Maybe this helps to springclean the church before the revival we are praying for can come. But spring cleaning can be quite messy to start with. So please bare with us Swedes. We are in the midst of a spring clean. And you might find us dusty and sneezing for awhile, until Dad is done with us. And we can welcome the newborn into a God and -neighbor- loving warm family.
Love Anna 

8 mars 2014

The consuming fire of unforgiveness

The fire of unforgiveness. I listened to the words of the victim's mother in the Pistorius case in South Africa. She was asked why she had decided to forgive the accused of the murder of her daughter. And she answered in this line:  I do not want to burn up with unforgiveness.
I was thinking, so true and what a brave woman she is!!
Unforgivness or bitterness is a fire which consumes us on the inside. We become so consumed by the offenses and the offenders that we become like a house in ruins.
Father help us to live in the River of Grace where these fires die and we recieve refreshing and healing. This goes indivuduals and for nations too!