16 februari 2019

The local Church a Blessing

My life-learning-experience is that my Sundays becomes a greater blessing if I also spend time worshipping with the local believers in a local Church. I was blessed today in The Streams of Grace, the 2 months baby-Church here in Ubon.
I am 100% sure that the local Fellowship you choose today will be a blessing for you.

Sometimes (due to language) I don’t understand the whole preaching, but God always shows up and speak straight to me.


10 februari 2019

Why so many turnes?

A river winds its way through the landscape and doesn't take any straight shortcuts to reach the sea. Yesterday I asked this very “deep” question: Why is it so?
Yes the reason is that the water always flows down to the lowest level. And when it has filled the lowest "space" it runs on to the next lower level .... and after some days or weeks, it reaches the sea. 

Yesterday, this became a "rhema" for me. God's living water, the river of life, always first flows to those at the lowest level. Fills them, takes a new turn and fills other people who are "struggling" down there.

Sometimes I stand at a river and think. Why doesn't it run out of waterNo, because when the water reaches the sea, it again raises high up into the sky, it is brought to high altitudes where it again begins to fall downwards and again first fill the lowest "space".

God never gives up with people…. at the lowest level. And Jesus as the River of Life is calling us: Follow me!

I am happy to be filled with God's presence up there on the high places. Then in God's presence we can together go to those who are at the bottom and we can bless them?
We humans strive to build as straight and fast roads as possible from A to B. 
But God builds rivers that takes many big turns.
This became a clear Rhema for me yesterday. Ingvar (Fred)