25 april 2009

Do not give up!

For Anna, myself and 100s of Millions of Asians the motorcycle is a practical and cheap way of travelling.
Do you know what? For 2 days ago it was time again, after 89 days, for me to sit up on our Honda Dream 100cc. Surely I drove carefully, bought a new good helmet and kept good space to other vehicles. Someone could, like on the 24th January, change traffic lane all of a sudden. Good to have more margins, in the traffic.
It was not easy to sit up on the bike again. It has given my much pain, but my decision was well thought over and ……. I had the blessing of Anna. There is something (or better to say someone) inside me saying: Do not give up, due to difficulties”. Since many years I have had an inner vow: “Problems are not going to be my Lord”.
But I can`t be foolish. I want to use these last 90 days of learning experience.
Often we might first think, when we have obstacles ahead of us: “Better to give up!” But after sometime we realize:”Better to conquer this mountain”.
It’s good to hear these words again and again: “Do not give up! There is a way forward”. Thank you Jesus that you are a much better Lord - than the problems. Ingvar

20 april 2009

Happy Birthday...

In Sweden we have a song to celebrate someone's birthday, with words like this: "Yeah, may he live long(repeat xxx), Yeah may he live a hundred years". Today when Ingvar according to family customs, was woken up at dawn with birthday-song and cake, something was different. When life came to a sudden halt in January, the life we before took for granted was not as certain any longer. So today we celebrate life and grace with tears of joy and gratefulness.

18 april 2009

Many genuine friends......

The previous Captain Lennart Abrahamsson of the ship Elida used to say: “You can see much further, when you are on your knees”. Over the years I have experience this being true. When I am praying, I can see people far away, outside my own narrow box. And the people there are not dangerous. They are waiting for me.

These days I am meeting people, every day, that tells me: “I have been praying for you”. “I am so happy you can now walk without crutches”. They give me a hug, I thank them and we feel like we have been close friends for ages. It is true: "You have many friends, when you have been on your knees".

Simple genuine prayers from the heart…... in midst of the ordinary dayof life, wow…wow…. it works miracles and creates close genuine friendships. Ingvar

15 april 2009

Unrest in Bangkok ended.

We are happy that the unrest the last days in Bangkok and a few other places, now has ended. Our hope and prayer is that the different rival groups will meet, reconcile and work together for the development of Thailand, without violence and fighting. Ingvar

11 april 2009

Easter - the meeting point of good and evil.

We can see good and bad, joy and sadness, plus and minus, catastrophes and wonderful beautiful – coming very close to each other. Life can be like seeing and TV channel showing catastrophic pictures from Italy and next channel showing beautiful pictures from Gods wonderful nature.
We can ask ourselves: ”How to survive with all the evil and all the good so close?”
My MC accident was for me: maximum evil. But still I have experience: maximum goodness.
Easter, is maximum evil (on Good Friday) and maximum goodness (On Easter Sunday). And the good had victory. Easter and the resurrection of Jesus is helping me to be able to face the evil along my way of Life. We rejoice in the work we do to see that the good is stronger than the bad. There is hope ….. for anybody anywhere, because Jesus is has power over the evil. What a wonderful Easter message we have.
We wish you a meaningful EASTER 2009.
Greetings Ingvar

9 april 2009

40 and Speedy healing.

Many have been praying that Ingvar will have a speedy healing. I have to confess that I, in the beginning, wanted to slow down some of “the Speedy healing prayers”. I knew that Ingvar was very tired before the accident, the workload was big and the laughter & song had become less frequent. When the 40 days had passed the songs was flowing again. Ingvar had come through his 40 days in the wilderness (the bed), fasting from free movement, from working, from driving and from doing everything, almost. But after 40 days the batteries were recharged and with all “speedy prayers” – Ingvar progress is now a daily joy and thanksgiving.
This with 40 in the Bible comes back many times and speaks about recovering, purified and receiving spiritual power. May be we have lost, along the way, the good 40 days concept of recovery, prayer and fasting. May be there is much more power in there then we realize? Greetings Anna

3 april 2009

Help....how can I walk without crutches?

“Now you can walk without crutches” said the orthopedic doctor to me after looking at the new x-ray, day before yesterday. Anna and I were very happy to see that the fractures were almost healed. But: “Help, how can I walk without crutches?”
The orthopedic Dr gave me some good advice: “First you walk with 2 legs and with both crutches. After that walk with one crutch and within 2 weeks you walk without”.
Today I have revisited the neurosurgeon, who operated on me. He was also very happy for the good result. He was moved when I stated that: “God and you had saved my life”.
Now is the question: “Do I dare to walk without crutches after it has provided support for me for 25 days?” I feel stupid, that I don’t just: throw the crutches away immediately and run as the man in Acts 3:8. But all Gods healings are unique and I have received many unique healings these 10 weeks. I will soon walk without crutches!
But the main question is: “Do I have other "crutches" in life, which I lean on even when Jesus says to me: “You are now healed and strong. Walk!” That question is important to ask the whole life. Ingvar”