27 maj 2017

Pray for the Muslims

Today, the Muslims are starting the fasting month of Ramadan lasting until 25 June. At the same time since 1992, we Christians all over the world are praying for the Muslim world. Remember to pray for the Muslims when you meet them these 30 days. In Scandinavia this year, the days are very long. Even in the far north we have midnight sun.

And ....... pray for them. Info:http://www.30daysprayer.com

18 maj 2017

You walk - I work

I was alone in a room in Ubon in March 2013 and woke up one morning hearing these words:
They were clear and audible. At first I thought someone have broken into my room. Again I clearly heard these words again and realized that it was God who wanted to say something to me. I thanked God for this promise for the work in Ubon-Pakse. At regular intervals I have heard the same words coming back. The last time was today.

"God´s promises can not be deceived, no they stand forever ...." ... also today. Ingvar