28 november 2015

Advent 2015

Have a blessed advent 2015.

27 november 2015

Sowing & reaping - the whole life in whatever we do.

The Law of Sowing & Reaping is valid the whole life.  

We came to IKEA in Bangkok last Friday and …. this text spoke to us.  

These good words are not just taken out of the blue. No, they are connected to reality. IKEA is indeed creative, new and inspiring.   

Now God who has created us can help us to be even much more creative, new and inspired in Church, in Mission and in the Community. I have noticed that good Sowing and good Reaping is always connected to:
Think on this: 
Creativity, newness and inspiration always goes together with organisation harmony in Good Governance, Clear Administration and Creative Implementation. Always. 

And .... Sowing & reaping is not only valid after graduation and before retirement. No No No. We are sowing & reaping the whole life in "Whatever we do...."  Ingvar

22 november 2015

Behold now .....

Yes     "Behold now is the accepted time...." 2 Cor 6:2

Yes today is God   ".....in your midst". Is 12

Yes in my midst. Thank you my Father.

16 november 2015

New Visa and New Work Permit.

Always a blessing to receive a new 1 year Visa and a new 1 Year Work Permit

All including the officers at the Immigration wants to be blessed by the religious people, including us Christian Ajarns. In Thailand we missionaries are honored.

And that's for sure: We are here to help and bless the people of Thailand and Laos.
We are blessed by meeting the Officials and the local people and .....they give us a good welcome.

We think and pray these days for all the refugees coming to Europe and do not having all papers they need. Hope and pray that they will be well treated coming also to Sweden these days. Ingvar

8 november 2015

Fri-Sat-Sun Church Camp

2 new House Churches in Ubon has Church camp this weekend (Fri-Sat-Sun) and they asked us to teach on "Set My People Free".

The aim is also that everyone will experience a personally encounter with Jesus themselves. Yesterday many left their burdens on the cross.
Very grateful to teach and lead them forward in their (for most of them) the new faith. What a blessing to see: 
                a) the old Churches renewed.
                b) the new Churches be born.

Both is needed in this city these days with only 

1 november 2015

Making an IMPACT

Some people make an impact and somehow they continue to bless me and make me happy even after I left them. It’s a lasting God given IMPACT.

Some people I forget  …. after 1 hour so so. There is no lasting God given IMPACT there.

Pastor Neung and his wife in Jump Church in Khon Kean (started by SOS from Sweden and are under COC) and they make an God given IMPACT. Happy to worship with them today.

May God bless them as they reach out to many young (even broken) people of Khon Kean and beyond.

After a good Minibus ride, I am now home in Ubon with Anna. Ingvar