21 augusti 2012

Junctions in Life

Sometimes in life, we come up to small junctions and we have to choose. But these choices are easy. And sometimes in Life, we come up to big junctions and we have to make big difficult choices. Which way to go?

This is not a bible study, only a few words that has been speaking to me:
  • Be prepared: Junctions will come.
  • Let The Word of God give light. There are signs along the way.
  • Pray. The Holy Spirit is our spiritual GPS (Global Positioning System).
  • Have Prayer supporters and Intercessors.
Anna and I received an E-mail another day:

"We follow you on the blog. One of our members in the Church got a computer from her grandchildren. Now she is reading your blog. She is 84 years old. It is interesting and exciting to follow you in spite of the distance. We pray for you every day. "

Isaiah 40:11 is still speaking to us: "And gently lead those who are with young".

Coming up towards a junction and make a sudden turn can be dangerous for others who follow us or are besides us. 
Jesus, our Good Shepherd, leads us gently. We need also to lead others gently. Because they have also ….. have small once around themselves. Ingvar

13 augusti 2012

Mother`s Day and ..... are with young.

Yesterday we celebrated Mother's Day in Thailand. Also that the Queen turned 80 years old. All Churches in Thailand celebrate this with great reverence and gratitude.

Many of us are right now standing up against many challenges. New school classes, new working teams, new pressure, new …. Many things wants to create worry and fear in us: What will happen? How can we cope?

We, mission leaders, are also facing many challenges from the society, from the Church, from others and from ourselves. But, we have a Good Shepherd.

Before we left Sweden the 5th Aug we were standing praying with some believers and …. Isaiah 40:11 came alive for us:

He will feed His flock like a shepherd;
He will gather the lambs with His arm,
And carry them in His bosom,
And gently lead those who are with young.

The word gently can especially strong to us. He leads us gently because we have many young followers.

We are not all mothers, but we are all leaders in different ways for others, young followers. Many are looking up to us for guidance, care and spiritual food. God help us to be spiritual parents with the same attitude as our Good Shepherd Jesus is for us. Ingvar

5 augusti 2012

On the way From Sweden To Thailand

We are right now in Copenhagen on the way to Asia. We look back on a good summer with work, fellowship and relaxation.

Look forward to see you and minister together in Asia again, this fall.

One Word has touched me lately:
….the Kingdom of God is not ….eating and drinking,

but righteousness
and peace
and joy in the Holy Spirit.
Rom 14:17

Anna will stay over one day in Bangkok for work. I will continue to Chiang Mai.
  Have a good Sunday. Ingvar & Anna