25 december 2018

Be Blessed from Anna och Fred in Ubon-Pakse

19 december 2018

New Church in Ubon.

Rejoice, a new Church was born in Ubon the 12 December 2018. STREAMS OF GRACE CHURCH UBON. We meet every Sunday 16:00 (for time being) at the Community (Training) Centre at House 57, Soi 11, Chayangkun Road. (Near Sunee Tower).

18 december 2018

What is the real meaning of Christmas?

Many these days (also here in Ubon-Pakse) see how the shops have Chirstmas decoratrions and people wounder: What is the real meaning of Christmas?

Mission work always have a balance between:
  • to spread religion and/or to spread LIFE. Christmas is a time when we easily can get stuck in many traditions. Traditions are not wrong, but if you forget the center, we spread only religion. We must have Jesus himself in the Center. He was born and wants to be Lord of our live.
  • to work at the "top" level (change structures with the rulers) and/or to work at the "bottom" level with the most vulnerable. These days we are involved in both types. And..... also working with middle class people.

BLESS UBON gathering on Saturday with many from different Churches and "high" dignities in society was a good Celebration. Our prayer is: May God's kingdom come much faster in Ubon-Pakse!

The Christmas celebrations in different areas in Ubon and around with families with children in the risk zone and neighbors are very joyful and meaningful. Good and clear Christmas program with Jesus at the center. And everyone are very happy.

We look forward to more Christmas Celebrations in Ubon-Pakse where the true meaning of Christmas is the Centre. Ingvar