25 oktober 2009

The Weather

Typhoon Lupid headed towards Taiwan, but made the 23rd Oct a U-turn and we got just ordinary rain.
The weather and the climate change is a big matter these days. Different places have different weather, that is affecting us. This is also the matter within the spiritual climate. We can`t blame all on climate change and the weather, but ….. to learn to use the right cloth, even for the spiritual climate. For 2½ years ago a Mission Centre here in Taiwan was complete, but the permission to use it was refused 5 times. The leaders of the movement did not give up. They understood this was a spiritual matter. And …. last Monday the permission was given. The movement is exited and hopes to start using the building within 1-2 months. 2 congregations will use it, but Mission will be the focus.
Today we had the Mission Sunday 2009 and the massage came clear: “Do not Give Up”. A new climate is coming. The tyfon will make a U-turn. But even if it doesn`t …. we will put on the right cloth and continue to work …. under hard spiritual climate …. anyway. Ingvar

12 oktober 2009

Summarizing 18 days

To summarize 18 days in India, after meeting a lot of people in homes, churches, conferences, projects and in the communities ….. that is fantastic, but almost impossible? To make a SWOT analysis is helpful.

I am happy that the biggest components are: Strengths and Opportunities.

To summarize:
1. What I myself has done …. that I can do.
2. What others, my coworkers have done …. that is harder, but they are doing an excellent job.
3. What is the IMPACT and the transformation of the society and the Kingdom of God, due to our work … well that is more difficult. I trust someone else, more neutral person than me, has to do that.

These 18 days were full of training. I like to state: There is nothing more blessed on this earth than to commit to those: “…..who will be able to teach others also”. 2Tim2:2. Ingvar

1 oktober 2009

Going west and going east

I am now in Varanasi in India and Anna is back in Chiang Mai. We had some very good days together in Kolkata. Ingvar