28 februari 2009

Look – I can walk!

With the help of a physiotherapist, Anna and God himself, I have today (day 35 after the accident) taken my first steps. First it was scary for me, but the physiotherapist and Anna supported and encouraged me. After some time it was just wonderful to walk again. I rejoiced. Now I will have daily walking exercise before I can leave the hospital and come home. Thank you for praying for me!
Very happy greetings from Ingvar.

22 februari 2009

To grow in Patience

For me right now to be confined to my bed (today 29 days) is a great test on my patience. I understand that my broken bones have to heal, but still I have to confess that the road “…tribulation produces perseverance (endurance) and perseverance character and character hope” is not easy. But as for me and for many others today as we need hope, we all have to walk this road.
The last 3 days I have been able to sit up. The Physiotherapist is helping me to build up my muscles and mobility again. Wonderful.
Greetings from room 1026 at RAM in Chiang Mai

18 februari 2009

Rehabilitation - from the receiving end.

Over the years I have been involved in many different kinds of rehabilitation programs – for others. But now, I myself am at the receiving end. And this is a much harder experience. I had 6 weeks rehabilitation from Hepatitis A, Jan-Feb 1975. We were at that time just new in Bangladesh. My orthopedic doctor has now given me instructions how to start – in the bed – to build up my body again, specially my right leg. It´s a good move in the right direction.To rebuild that which has been broken, gives many new learning opportunities. I thank God for His constant provision of rest and hope. And… I am happy to be alive today. My prayer is that all that I now am learning – the hard way - I will put into practice and by that be able to bless others, who goes through tough rehabilitation. The word in 2 Cor 1:3-7 is ringing in my ears: ”….. God of all comfort .... that we may be able to comfort those who are in any trouble with the comfort with which we ourselves are comforted by God.”  Ingvar

16 februari 2009

Blessed Colleagues

”Ingvar, we will now look after your work” was the first words that I heard from Owe Anbäcken (InterAct Regional Leader for Asia) after regaining consciousness after my MC accident. Laying there in ICU these words helped me to rest. My other colleagues has also stepped in and taken my workload. Many others has encouraged me. God himself has strengthened me from within.
I must say that one of the strongest experience these 23 days on-my-back is the privilege to have colleagues that says: ”We will now look after your work”. I love my work, but now I had no strength to do anything about it. To be a part of the body of Christ – what a privilege. In there we all are needed – but no one is indispensible. Thank you colleagues that you stepped in for me - a time such as this.

14 februari 2009

Small Rounds after 21 days

Little finger: The Infectious Disease Dr. wanted to change into some super antibiotics. We asked to wait for a couple of days to watch, because we had already seen a change to the better. Already yesterday morning it was a clear difference and today it looks really good. Thanks for a booster prayer for the small finger.
Pelvic Bones: New X-ray shows the bones are healing well, good position, and according with the original time frame, 4-6 weeks, then crutches.

12 februari 2009

Work from the bed

As Ingvar can't go to the office, the office is coming to Ingvar. Pray for the colleagues who are carrying an increasing load of work when Ingvar is recovering. Love Anna

11 februari 2009

A time to be weak....and helpless

I am a person who love to be active. February and March were fully booked with interesting  and important responsibilities, including a journey to Bangladesh and India. Then came 24th of January and a sudden helplessness. I can't even manage my own most natural needs. Embarassing and humiliating. I do of course thank God for the miracle of being alive. I appreciate the hospital staff, friends and colleagues who have been  fantastic and supported me 100%. But to be weak and helpless is hard.
Through the years of labor we come to believe that we are strong, a "super-Ingvar" who knows and is able. But then being positioned on the back, experiencing  that life is a combination of what you can do and who you are. When still in ICU going in and out of consciousness, I tried to pull out the lifesaving tubes and pipes and....wanted to go home, but they tied me down. Now I am going through an intensive course (today is the 16th day) of receiving help and being just myself. I agree with Job's goal in 23:10b"..... when He has tested me, I shall come forth as gold". This is possible, but not because I am strong, but because allow myself to be real and God to be God. Thank you for praying for me. Ingvar

9 februari 2009

Can beds grow longer?-2

The Swedish man in a Thai hospital bed. Check the 31st of January. 

8 februari 2009

"Brace for impact-because we are going down."

Anna and Ruth have gone to the ACTS church for the sunday service.  I can see the church's roof from my bed here in the hospital.  The church fellowship, even from the hospital bed, is a blessing. 
Last wednesday, Daniel Emilsson (son of Stefan and Barbro) reminded me of the service we had on the 18th of January, when I was leading the communion.  I had recited the words: "Brace for Impact-because we are going down."  These words come from Captain Sullenberger when Flight 1549 was forced to emergency land on the Hudson River.  All of the 155 survived.  I was reminded that the power of the cross works in all of life's situations and that Jesus can help us even in life's hardest landings.  
Thank you Daniel: you are a good MK (missionary kid) that helps us older missionaries to never forget to live in the presence where the evangelical works and is needed.  Where the most fantastic in Heaven is visible on earth such as: praise and worship, God's power and God's love.  Mission is for people in need, not for the people in paradise.
"Brace for Impact-because we are going down."

It's overflowing

On Monday afternoon when I saw the sudden improvement in Ingvars health and I was driving home from the hospital, I sent  a question to the Lord: Why so suddenly, now? I sensed the Holy Spirit say: - Yes, because now the bowl of the prayers of the saints was full and I am pouring it out over Ingvar. And in my heart I could see all the prayers gathering from all the people praying in Asia, Sweden, USA etc. filling the bowl and then it starts to overflow and continues to overflow. But as you might understand, we are so very grateful for all the interest and involvement in prayer.
The fact that we almost lost Ingvar is something that we have to deal with.  That God in His grace protects us and that He now uses this event for something good, something that gives Him the honor.  Thank you for standing with us.  There is much that we do not understand and there are many questions "why?" that we will ask when we stand face to face with Jesus.  But I think at that point, we forget all that has been.  And all my questions "why?" do not seem important anymore.  At that point, there is only one wish and that is to worship and love the One who gave His life for us.   
Now is the time of thanksgiving.  Ingvar, Ruth and I and the rest of the family at home in Sweden give thanks to God and thank all of you who prayed and filled the prayer bowl.  
Love, Anna

5 februari 2009

to drive or not to drive....

After my motorcycle accident here in Chiang Mai 11 days ago, I'm in the process of evaluating, day and night on my back the subject: "Motorcycles in Missions". Anna and I have been driving vespa and motorcycles many thousands of miles, in 7 Asian countries under 34 years. Motorcycles in Asia today is an established means of transport for men, women and children and goods of various kinds. Even after this dramatic close-to-death-experience, I'm am determined not to stop driving motorcycle,but to continue to:
Wear a good a helmet, securely fastened. Without the helmet I would not be alive.
Drive with more space between me and other vehicles.
Avoid driving on roads with fast moving traffic. The accident happened at rush hour with lots of cars and trucks. It's a miracle that they didn't drive over me.
My calender for this month was fully booked. But now I am anchored to the bed. At the same time I understand that my accident can communicate something to us all and God can turn this to something good. Many Christian leaders are deeply touched when they visit me. Thank you for your prayers. Greetings from Ingvar at Ram Hospital in Chiang Mai.
(His private secretary: Anna)

4 februari 2009

Updating Rounds....

It feels like many events have occurred since we last wrote. Today we have divided the rounds into the different specializations that are involved.

Neurology: The doctor has said that Dad’s brain is ok and they will follow up in two weeks. Bandages and stitches are gone!
Dad’s words this morning: It feels like I have gotten my brain back!
Ear-nose-throat: The doctor looked in his ears and could see blood behind the eardrums, mostly on the right side. The last two days there has been a clear improvement of his hearing. We don’t have to shout anymore.
Eyes: Dad’s focus is back to normal.
Plastics: The compresses that were in dad’s nose were taken out and the nose actually kept its shape! The upperjaw fracture is still stable thanks to a completely soft/liquid diet.
Internal Medicine: The pneumonia is now gone.
Orthopedics: We have now looked at the new CTscan pictures of the pelvicbones. The left side fracture is still stable with its lower pelvic fracture. The right side has a t-fracture in the right upper hipbone, it is about 5 mm wide. The fracture in the lower pelvis is is still there as well. This makes the pelvic unstable and that is also why dad is experiencing pain while moving. We will insert the CT pictures. The right side will be treated conservatively, which means no surgery, because of the difficult position of the break. One month in bed and probably in the hospital... NO weigh-bearing at all on the right side! The stitches on dad’s finger were also removed today. It looks good. The right knee is unchanged, still fractured, still in a support brace.
Dermatology: the rashes from having the neck-brace are now gone.
Soul: A little better. Dad has a little more insight over the whole situation and what has happened. He is still a little restless.
Prayer requests: That he will have peace in body and soul. Patience. That the healing will go quickly! That Father will keep a watchful eye over Dad’s hip/pelvis. Thanks for your prayers.
We are so thankful for the quick changes and the improvements we can see.
Written by (slightly sleepy) Anna and Ruth

2 februari 2009

Ingvar took a leap....

It feels like Ingvar has taken a leap over night. After a really good night's sleep, where the stress hormons seemed to be less active, they use to disturb his sleep with frantic activity dreams, there was now peace. He can hear better today and so also communicate easier. Ingvar can see with normal focus and contrasts. And the movements in bed are less painful. All this contributes to less anxiety. So, today is a GOOD day. Praise the Lord!
The Doc's have been streaming through the door today, everyone checking their 'part'. We are just waiting for the 6th.
photo: Plastic Surgeon removing last stitches over the right eye.