31 januari 2010

Looking for a smaller house in Sweden

I am now in Sweden for 14 days on a very unique and special mission: To find a house for us. After getting married 1972 we have always lived in rented houses. Now we look for a smaller summerhouse that we can use also during the winter.
I have found one and … it looks the best.
Now the prayer is that no other buyer comes around and that the present owner will be happy to sell to us for the amount that we are happy to pay. A special mission needs special prayer. Thank you for praying us. Ingvar

19 januari 2010

Dedication & Longjohns

Sunday came at last, with the dedication of the premises of Tree of Life Ministry, Thailand. Important in this culture. Several of the networking churches and organizations honored us with their presence. Pastor Sidney who is on our board and Sue Hunt, former leader of Living Waters Thailand, prayed for the work and the new place. It is a privilege to have the trust across denominations, to train, help and serve their wounded.

When I listened to Ooy(Sirirath) responsible for managing the ministry activities, and she explained about the different programs, I was reminded of 20 years ago when we were leaving Bangladesh a nurse came to me one day and said she had a dream: She saw me working in a big white building (the new place is in a big white building) and she said: ''I saw you rescuing people out of their jails''.
Maybe we are not the troop who rescues people from their physical jail or slavery, but many of those who come to us are imprisoned in the jail of their own soul with much of sorrow, shame and hopelessness, and they long for freedom. For them to meet someone who loves and accepts them, is often the first step to transformation.There is no greater joy than to see them 'soar'.

Preparing for the Swedish winter
Now I have seen Ingvar off for Sweden. He was prepared with long-jons(Swenglish?) and Goretex jacket. Praise God for export shops.This is the first time in 35 years of mission service that he voluntarily returns home in the middle of the cold Swedish winter. Our bodies has adjusted to tropical heat many years ago. This time his task is to find a house for us, which really feels like walking on water for us. It might help that even the North Sea is frozen. (Well that was meant as a joke). Anyway I know Jesus will be with him just like He was with Peter. Love Anna

9 januari 2010


I am now 7 days in Laos. Have been up north and yesterday I travelled from a very poor village to a middle size town and to the capital. Many are, these days, moving to the cities. Some have resources to study, get an accommodation, get good friends and a job. Others fall into a lot of “dirt” and slavery. The cry is to find meaning of Life and to feel at home – right here.
This, my present visit to Laos, speaks to me strongly about the need to support the people both in cities and in the countryside, so they can grow and be happy where they are and not to be forced to move, against their will. Ingvar.