30 september 2015

Congratulations Mariam... and New Life

The big sister Tabitha was welcomed into our family in Dhaka, 22 April 1975.
Karin Mariam Smith was born today for 40 years ago in Chandraghona Bangladesh. Dr. Karin T. (Åhlèn) from Mjölby was a doctor at the British Baptist Mission Hospital at Karnafully River that flows from Kaptai Lake to Chittagong. Karin was a blessing for us during the delivery. Thanks Karin.

Ruth was born in the same hospital in February 1978 and Benjamin was welcomed into our family in Dhaka, Aug, 1981.

We are so thankful for our 4 children and 8 grandchildren plus many spiritual children and spiritual grandchildren.

Yes, life is exciting, with many different chapters. All equally valuable. One thing is certain:

New Life - may be a few hours old.
New Life - can be 40 years old.
New Life - can be 90 years old.
The question is not how many years, but who is the Lord of our lives.
We can have New Life the whole life ..... when Jesus is Lord.

Mariam Congratulations on your 40 birthday.

 Hug from

18 september 2015

Open doors and challenges

We have had a very interesting week with many challenges. Last week ended with a lost sheep in orange colors, calling on the name of Jesus for help. She is a well  known face in this nation and now she wants us to meet and minister to her children in the orphanages she is running for kids with HIV and sexually abused ones. She is also planning to have outreaches at the boarder point villages (Laos and Cambodia,) to create awareness of human trafficking and Child Protection. particularly as Thailand opens the boarder under the ASEAN. She is challenging us to join with her.

Please pray with us to know Fathers heart. There are many open doors, just as God told us when we moved here to Isaan.

I am so grateful for good coworkers. But we need to be on constant prayer vigil as we sometimes feel he is breathing down our necks.
Our desires are to do what pleases the Lord who called us here. Walk in His footsteps as close as we can. But sometimes we are tempted to look down at the troubled sea, like Peter and fear arises.

This week our staff worked together with friends in the network of  church planters to teach in schools on child protection. Very positive to have local connections to Christians in the villages, even if they are very new believers.

We find ourselves working hand in hand with other ministries here in Isaan. And this is a tremendous strength as many has left Isaan disillusioned. We need each other. This is not a safe place for lone rangers.

12 september 2015

Looking for inside Peace.

Very quickly she pointed out that she was looking for peace inside her broken heart. She was searching in religions. So we asked her: "Have you found peace". Immidetly she replied: No.

We told her about Jesus, prayed with her and read God's Word together.
She left grateful and happy. Pray that God's peace will reign in there in her own life. And she will start walking with Jesus, the Prince of Peace himself. Have a blessed Sunday. Ingvar