29 juni 2009

Genuine Christan life

To land in a country after 2 year, like we do now into Sweden, takes some time to adjust. New words and new ways of living have to be discovered. Both matters and persons have changed, but the basic needs are the same.

Yesterday morning I took the road towards Copenhagen. Before entering up on the long bridge to Denmark a signboard said: ”Last exit in Sweden”. I took that and found Hyllie Park Church in Malmö.

The subject for the service was: “To be genuine”. God spoke and we were all moved by the need to be real , to be honest and to be genuine as Christians in our daily words and deeds. We all need: Space for GRACE in this demanding society of today.
Space for MINISTRY where everyone's giftings and capacity is included.

In the evening we visited a church in Lund. There we also found a true genuineness. And .... that church is growing rapidly.

Christians and churches who are free from Show Business are attractive and growing. And…. I feel blessed. Ingvar

22 juni 2009

Midsummer week 2009

The last week, The midsummer week 2009 have been full of encouraging meetings with 100`s of people at the TORP Conference. We have received many hugs from people who have prayed for us. Good to meet many friends, church members and other missionaries.

Yesterday we joined our daughter Tabitha to her church, celebration our dear friend KG (92 years old) & Greta and visited Kjell & Birgitta to their new house. Pastor Sidney from Thailand was also there. He is a man of God and free from show business. He is genuine right through.
A comments I received was: ”You are unbelievable healthy. You must have received an overdose of prayer”. I am eternally thankful for every prayer, but most of all, I am very happy that prayer opened up the heart and we feel a greater friendship. Many friends, many prayers, is a blessing in life. Ingvar

13 juni 2009

In Sweden

We are now in Sweden connecting to friends and Churches. Good to meet and share what God has done and what he is doing.

Today I visited Ed, the place where I was born and brought up. So wonderful to again be there and think about all the blessings happed there. Even if I would like to meet everyone and re-experience all the good things, I realize that it might be best:
• to be thankful for the past,
• live in the presence and
• have hope for the future.

To be able to do that – we need God`s help. We have also been able to borrow a car, from ED. God is Good. Ingvar

5 juni 2009

Times of Moving

Things are moving. During times of world crises many are seeking help and strength from others and even more - from God.

People are moving. This time of the year many are moving to their home countries or to Asia. I am in touch with some families that are moving the coming weeks. To move from meaningful och homely involvements – is not easy. Some experience this to be serious live crises. But in midst if this all, there are 3 steps: In trouble it helps me to ask:“Why do I have to go thought this time of testing?” The best answer for me is: “I will come out stronger”. Sometime we need to fight to survive so we can come back to normal, but the aim is: I will come through stronger!

We will now move – for 2 month. It is now settled that this our present term in Asia will be extended one more year. We are positive to go to Sweden the 10th June and return to Chiang Mai the 11:th August for one more year. Ingvar