22 juli 2022

Co-Workers and Co-Leaders

We like to be Hands-On, but most of all to be helping others to be Hands-On in .... training others.

People here are wonderful people. 100% willing to serve. God is calling us all to be Co-workers growing into being Co-leaders. 

We are praising God that both these types of people groups are step-by-step growing among us.

The great challange is that thet we the older co-workers and co-leaders ..... shows the way. We like, these days, to be spiritual parents.  


Pioneer work is exciting. 

Ingvar (Fred)

2 juli 2022

Instead of Giving Up....

 ... Creativity. Today I came into the bakery just when our Baking instructor Dee open the recipe book to bake more. Just then Keow (5 years) came running and wanted to join.


Dee is fantastic in baking and ...... she has different couraces in baking/coffee/cold drinks, almost every week for people who want to learn.  



Sometimes we wonder how we best can help people in crisis? We at Streams of Grace Church and Child Safe have many ways to help, but not everything fits everyone.

We have found that when we encourage people to be creative .... with the little they have and can do ... they are inspired. And find new ways.

This was a youth meeting today.

Have a good weekend Ingvar (Fred)