27 juni 2018

Speak so God can speak

Sometimes I hear preaching and Bible studies with many good Bible verses, deep thoughts and important information. Everything is right and good but ... .. it does not touch "in there". Nothing happens. And sometimes I hear preaching and Bible studies ... and I hear God speaking. I am blessed and strengthened.

What is the difference? I will not analyze this more than say that I heard another day a preaching that touched me. I got spiritual food and was blessed ... in depth. My prayer is:
We had last week a blessed visit by Samuel from Taiwan and Pure from Thailand (Kantaralak) with their 2 children. Samuel and Pure met in Linköping Sweden, married and now live in Switzerland.

We are doing well and all 3 projects are ... growing.

New and Growing Churches. We had yesterday a very good pioneering gathering with around 40 people.


Tree or Life always helps many in Ubon-Pakse. But also other parts of Thailand by phone.
Child Safe have much work ... right in the Community and families.

  Planning is important when ..... there is a lot of work.
We now have a team from our home church at Klädesholmen on the way here. Will be fun and encouraging to have them here 2 weeks.

Be Blessed in all you do... so God can speak and act. Ingvar

19 juni 2018


It is always easier to stay inside an institution, in the churches or to stay in an outreach Centre. And…. expect the people to come in to us.

Good we have true fellowship in there, but Jesus went also out to the people. He also sent His disciples out to the people. The Bible is full or “sendings”.

One truth we see in Ubon-Pakse is that when we go out to the people we understand that the people have already been praying and crying out for help like in Exodus 3: 7-17
Now therefore, behold, the cry of the children of Israel has come to Me, and I have also seen the oppression with which the Egyptians oppress them. 10 Come now, therefore, and I will send you to Pharaoh that you may bring My people, the children of Israel, out of Egypt.”

And when Moses obeyed, God worked miracles. So the Biblical principle is visible.

a) People cry out in their need for God for help.
b) God sends people to them
c) God can then act and take people into the promise land.

God help us to be strengthen in´side in the fellowship, but also dare to go out to all crying for help.                                       


8 juni 2018

The heavenly melody.

We are praising God for Jom, Art, Paul and Chon, who are wonderful worship leaders. Yesterday at the Pastors Prayer meeting, they led us into songs of praise where we lifted up our worship and the glory of God came down. Heaven came down.

We thank God for these 4 devoted musicians and good worshipers, leading us into
true worship, but also inspire many more to serve God and the people with music and songs.
Last night Anna with the Child Safe team were in a place near the Laos border and had a mentoring meeting with 15 teenagers.

When the church (right in the community) are free from all kind of abuse the church will be a safe place for all.