21 april 2017

Thank you all....

20 april 2017

... he saw me.

I meet every day many people "from all walks of life". Yesterday I met Kalle (not his real name) who is runing a company. I knew that Kalle has a lot of work and great responsibility on his shoulders, so I only wanted to talk with him a few minutes.

We met at his company. Kalle was happy, he saw me and sat down in peace and was very relaxed. He was happy to talk.

We can easily focus on matters, money and how to make the job more efficient. We think time is money and we can see people as problems, as an obstacles.

This morning I woke up and these words were ranging in me. Kalle saw me!

Unfortunately, we who work with people can be burned out due to all needs. We can also live in our own world so we don`t hear or see others. Please. If you find that I do not see you or hear you, I appreciate that you ask me: Do you see me?

My prayer today is that we have many precious uncountars with God and people. To see God and people as they are.

Kalle, you saw me and heard me yesterday. You were a great example for me. Ingvar

14 april 2017

Easter:Deep calls unto deep

The Easter message is the same, but each year we experience how God speak into different areas of the Easter message. The greatness of Easter is greater than we can understand. It is now 5 years since we celebrated Easter in Sweden. So this year we discover Swedish Easter.

Since I was a teenager, I experiances various pluses and minuses in the Passover massage. Easter week in Bangladesh and India was always very special with many meetings. In Thailand and Laos the Easter week is different. For Buddhists (but also for Hindus) the message of sacrifice is important. They seek the answer to the question: How can we sacrifice enough for the spirits to be satisfied?

Psalm 42 is a good Easter Psalm. "Deep calls to deep ....". Yes ... the living God is speak to us this Easter .... despite our circumstances.

Thank you Jesus that you are living and as long as we are breathing .... you never give up with us. Woow. Ingvar

6 april 2017

Now in Sweden

We are  now in Sweden, working with Child Safe and Side-bySide. Happy to see Guds leading.