28 december 2008

Time of Crises

Before 26:e Dec 2004 some 230 000 Swedish came annually to Thailand. When the Tsunami struck over 5.000 persons died in south Thailand, among them 544 Swedish. Over 220 000 died totally around the Indian Ocean. The suffering was enormous.

No one of us like times of crises, but if we look back these times somehow, have made us stronger. Anna and I visited a Thai family today that shared how their deep crises brought them to God. Swedish Ambassador Lennart Linnér says that now, after 4 years, some 400 000 Swedish visits Thailand annually.

Unfortunate …... the last catastrophe has not hit. Without being “accident focused” it is helpful for us to ask: What will I do if a catastrophe hits in my surrounding? What is my own Disaster Risk Reduction? More and more people starts to build up an awarness for the need of Disaster Risk Reduction, before the catastrophe hits. It`s good that people seek more God’s help during time of crises, but it is much better to seek God’s help before the times of crises is over us. Ingvar

26 december 2008

Let us go out with Immanuel and see....

To come to Bethlehem, and having an encounter with Jesus and receive the Bread of Life – is fantastic. We had a good Christmas Eve in Omkoi together with around 70 Karen children. In all simplicity we entered together into worship and had a wonderful time with Jesus. But after meeting Jesus in Bethlehem it’s natural to go out there to others with the Good News. Now the Immanuel (=God with us) is reality. This years Boxing Day or St. Stephen's Day, a day to remember the martyrs (Greek=witness) was for us a very interesting day. We woke up in Omkoi. Went to Mae Sariang where we met a Karen Pastor and his wife, an Australian missionary, a Thai pastors family and an English missionary. After coming to Chiang Mai we celebrated one of our Thai coworkers on her 38 years birthday. Before the end of the day we received sad news that Christians in Laos are tortures and are suffering. We are thankful that the ”God with us” is indeed reality in Bethlehem and also reality out there with others in the community. Christmas and mission belongs to each other. Ingvar

22 december 2008

Let us now go to the Bread house and see.....

Ahead of Christmas 2008 we had several alternatives, where to find this year’s Christmas bread house (=Bethlehem). Most of all we wanted to find it in the presence of our children, son-in-law and our grandchildren in Sweden. But we choose to find it in our well-tested resting plats in Pai, 3 hours way north west of Chiang Mai.

But …. there was “no room for us in the Inn”. So we choose Omkoi some 3 hours southwest of Chaing Mai. Here is a place for us, at the Omkoi river flowing from the Christians up stream. These Karen Christians have experienced a lot of God’s glory lately and is now letting it down the mountains, to the dry land of Thailand. In yesterday’s worship service the message “up the river” was not the “Glory of God” but: ”Are we rooted in God?” No roots – no fruits.

The bread house, Christmas 2008, for us is to eat fresh bread from Heaven. We are reading books (several at the same time), have good walks with Lukas (Mariam and Phil’s Labrador) and … being amazed that the water in the river is not stopping. Still more is coming. And we let it flow… to you as well.

Jesus himself is in this bread house and He has good fresh food for us, even in times such as this, with too much work and an economic world crisis hanging over us.
No, now is time for refreshments. We say “fika” in Swedish. In this Bethlehem is a good Café with saffron bread, baked by the angel Anna. The saffron and coffee, was sent to us from angels (our children) in Sweden. The ginger cookies, angels in Singapore bought from Ikea for us. And see ….. the water in this bread house in Omkoi is still flowing… to you as well. Be Blessed. Ingvar

16 december 2008

Greetings to you all.

Be Blessed

15 december 2008

Pray for the the 27th Prime Minister of Thailand

Pray for Abhisit ”Mark” Vejjajiva, who yesterday became the 27th Priminister of Thailand. Thailand need now a time of peace and rest. The "Land of smiles" have had a difficult time with much tension between "the yeallow" and "the red".

Pray for a new uniting force and that the new leaders with "Mark" in the front will be able to face and to solve the problems. Ingvar & Anna

14 december 2008

Mika born 11th Dec

Mika our 4th grandchild was born in Lund, Sweden the 11th Dec 2008.
Here are some pictures on Mika.
His brother Jakob loves his brother, but .... alos his Police Car.
Ingvar & Anna

12 december 2008

Our English blog ...up and running

Now is time to start to make this blog (much) more aktiv. Ingvar & Anna

22 mars 2008

We wish you from Chiang Mai a blessed Easter 2008

Chiang Mai Mar 22, 2008

Dear Friends,
Hope and trust you are doing well. Some of you we have a close contact with and with some, we seldom meet. But still, we hope you know that we appreciate the friendship with you very much and want to bless you in Christ.

A 40 days old little Pakistani boy: “Daddy will do it!”
On Monday the 17th I (Ingvar) went to Bangkok to apply for visa for Pakistan and to apply for new Swedish passport for myself at the Swedish embassy and to visit The Way of Life.

These days every embassy needs more and more documents to be able to issue visas. First coming to the counter at the Pakistan Embassy in Bangkok - I lost my courage and …. found myself very unhappy, inside. On the outside, I was trying to smile. The Visa Officer at the counter gave the impression to me, and to everybody: This is impossible. Some people somehow, seems to enjoy making it hard for others.

But a young Pakistani couple with their 40 days old, beautiful little baby boy were also there. Both the parents worked very hard to obtain some documents needed for their new born to be living in Thailand. The baby slept however the whole time in his mothers and his fathers lap.

After some time I “heard” the little baby, still sleeping, saying to me: “Let your dad also do the job for you!”

I took courage. I have done all I could and now … I can’t do more. My body did not fall asleep the 3 hours I was there, but…. my Inside had a good rest. If I can go on the 26th March to Pakistan or not.. I don’t know, but still I can rest in that my Daddy is at work.

Paul – must have lost his courage.
As a prisoner on the way to Rome, Paul saw many good things happening, but still he must have lost courage – along the way. The Bible says:

"And the brothers from there hearing of us, they came to meet us as far as the market-place of Appius, and Three Taverns. Seeing them, thanking God, Paul took courage." Acts 28;15

This Bible verse has become a powerful Rhema for me.
1. When we have the aim to move towards each other, things starts to happen.
2. When we thank God, heavenly qualities moves among us. Thank = eucharisteo = to be grateful, (actually) to express gratitude (towards); (give) thanks.
3. We can take courage. Paul was encouraged =tharsos = daring; boldness, courage.

I (Anna), find myself busy with various conferences, seminars where Tree of Life is hosting or being involved. But I am very much aware of a special grace in the area of strength and energy. Like this would be “a new season”. And I am eager to run with what He has called me to do in this nation and beyond, to love and heal the broken, open prison doors and set the captive free. Pointing to what Jesus has done for us on the Cross.

May God bless us all as we: See others - Thank God - Take encourage.

Wish you all the best this spring of 2008.
Ingvar & Anna Fredriksson