24 december 2016

Blessed Christmas and New Year

                                  We wish You All
                                     a Meaningful
                                    Christmas 2016
                                                      a Blessed Year 2017

Dear friends,

We wish you a very Happy Christmas and New Year.  We are now after 5 years celebrating Christmas in Sweden. Feels so good to be closer to family.

We look back on a very good Pioneer year 2016 in Ubon-Pakse. The three projects:

are growing and developing. We are grateful for all dedicated coworkers. We were in Ubon-Pakse from October to November 2016, planning to be there Feb and March 2017 and move back to Ubon July 2017.

Thanks for participating, visits and praying for us and the projects.

God Bless you all from heaven…with Christ in the Centre.
 Ingvar & Anna Fredriksson

13 december 2016

Many are praying for you!

Sometimes we can wake up in the morning with many questions: What will happen today? And sometimes we walk up with great happiness; What an exciting day ahead.

This morning I woke up hearing: Many are praying for you. I took it as a message from God himself, who hears all of our prayers.

Thank you all who are praying for us today. Your prayers are lifting and en encouraging us.

Ingvar (now 4 days travelling in Sweden)