24 juni 2016

We had a very good Pioneer Fellowship meeting yesterday. Today we came to Sweden for 2 1/2 months. The work in Ubon-Pakse will continue as usual. You can contact us over E-mail, Skype, fb, line or call us on +46 767 918181(Anna) or +46 767 918182(Fred). Be blessed. Ingvar

19 juni 2016

Encouragement to start .... they do it best.

All places are unique. Therefore, it is best to train others, who train others, who ...... This is undoubtedly providing the best result. Then the local people can best help their own people. Yesterday we got two photos from "others training others":

One photo is from Isaan and one is from Laos. Anna and I were not there. Locals can do it best. 

But they need some help and encouragement to get started. And sometimes we just say and trust them with: You can do it. Ingvar

9 juni 2016

Anna + 2 in the South.

Anna, Lamuang and Pling (Lampuang daughter) has today gone to teach and serve 8 days in southern Thailand. I'm in Ubon .... and today it's Pastors Prayer Meeting plus I will be with CSC and visit a place where children suffer. Ingvar

6 juni 2016

The best country in the world!

Yesterday was our National day.
We have lived more in other countries than in Sweden. But still we believe Sweden is the best. We are not living in Asia of any other reason than because of God's calling. God bless Sweden.