26 september 2009

Training on 3 levels

We are now in Kolkata and doing very well. Training is going on:
a) learn ourselves,
b) learn to train others
c) learn to train others that can train others.

22 september 2009

Landa ....lågt

I natt landade vi i Kolkata, Indien. Inga problem fysiskt, men ändå att ”landa” och bli helt närvarande mentalt och andligt, är inte lätt. Vi har bott här i stan ett år (93-94) och många besök genom åren. Med hjälp av mobiler, Internet, kabel TV + + + kan vi hänga med allt som händer över hela världen. Men vågar vi landa helt, här och nu, mitt ner i fattigdom och just nu in i en Hindisk festival?
Jag sitter och tittar på människor som går på trottoaren och inser att de har en viktig berättelse, som jag behöver få del av. Deras vardag är en tuff verklighet. I kväll skall vi börja undervisa i ett seminarium där många kommer från olika samhällsklasser. Nu måste jag sluta för att kunna ”landa” i Kolkatas verklighet. Ingvar

18 september 2009

A special Guest!

Today's special surprise guest. A snail with its house, in a tiny plastic bag for my medicine. It didn't die of my medicine though. Love Anna

12 september 2009

"On the Ground"

To be in Chiang Mai and visit project around here is to be “On the Ground” as well, but still ….. visiting other countries and receive new challenges is encouraging. I enjoy visiting all kind of projects. One matter is that in South Asia the people easily shares good and bad. They can plan and work creatively on development. Within a few minutes the progress is on and all feel included.
Back in Chiang Mai the work can be too much office work. I hope to never forget, even in the office, the life out there and always have a good and healthy balance between office work and participation “on the Ground”. Ingvar

4 september 2009

In Karachi

To be back in Pakistan and work with ''ordinary'' people is nice. The embraces are many and the churches and the society feels....OK. Pakistan viewed from outside can seem threatening and dangerous, but when you're actually in here, you're touched by their love and they really take care of you. They also welcome you to participate in many different activities. I had to relearn the lesson again:
" That at a distance fear is growing, but in coming together, understanding and fellowship grows.''
To meet the authorities is....different. In their effort to prove to the world that they are fighting for peace, they treat all men as 'not-of-peace', until the opposite has been proven. (We are used to being treated as good, until the opposite is proven). But here, as when you're approved....the doors are opened. Yesterday we had a very good gathering with about 300 in a local church in Rawalpindi. Now I have 4 days in Karachi. Ingvar

3 september 2009

Is the heart of yours, still good....?

This morning I took a look at the bag I received yesterday from the Pharmacy at the hospital, with medicine and advice to cure my stomach. Is the heart of yours still good....? or should we say; What's the condition of your heart?

I thought, that question should be good to ask ourselves now and then.

The disciples of Jesus didn't understand the miracles of feeding the 5000 men with 5 bread and 2 fish, because the hearts were hardened. Paul wanted the Chorinthians to widen their hearts (it was tight in there). Hearts can be cold (loveless, no compassion etc) or they can be warm.

I was cleaning out my inbox in the computer(a good activity when I anyway have to be near a restroom at all times)and I came across an old article from an author who have written many good books. He writes the 2 most important things in the Christian life is, to seek to know Gods heart and to know our own hearts. As we seek Gods heart then we will also find our own.

I am in a season when I read with renewed hunger the gospels, with the desire to catch the heart of Jesus, his attitude and way of living and working among the needy and others. It is so easy to loose our heart, when life is rolling by. It also reminds me of Prov 4:23 Above all keep your heart with all diligence because out of it flows the issues of life. Love Anna