28 juni 2020

Live and work in a Pioneer area!

We are thankful that God led us into RESET
    Okt 2013 when we moved to Ubon-Pakse.
    Dec 2018 when the Streams of Grace Church Ubon started.
    July 2019 when the CHILD SAFE became Monitee (Foundation in Thailand).

So we are now during Covid-19 praising God working and living in a Pioneer area and not Travelling Missionaries. 

Dear travelling missionary, we understand that some of you are praying and waiting that either the world will come back to "normal" or that God will send you to live and work in one place. Be a Pioneer Missionary living and working .... on the field.

Welcome to be a pioneer missionary in Isaan and Laos.   

21 juni 2020


This is not going to be a big Leadership document. But I must confess that the issue of Leadership in times of Crisis have spoken to me the last weeks. I can see 2 main groups: 
1. The Leaders that are now hiding and waiting that COVID-19 will finish and everything will      go back to normal.
2. The Leaders that are using the time to development, going out to people in crisis and   
     seeking God in how to RESET quickly into the New Normal.

Last Friday I was greatly blessed over internet by Rolf Nordström, a senior spiritual leader in Sweden. He shared the Word of God from a place called Torp. I am often blessed by senior spiritual leaders like Rolf. 
In my childhood and teenage years, I was greatly blessed with several senior leaders that blessed me. I noticed that they were not always big talkers, but their big loving hearts for God and people spoke to my little boy heart. Heart-to-heart.

Today the Church with its Mission needs leaders that Follow Jesus and can lead others even in crisis. 

10 juni 2020

Every new day ..... starts in darkness.

There are many truths we dont understand but we just accept. But one day .... may be even a Corona day .... we will get light into the matter. Or may be not before we come to heaven.

This morning I listen to a preaching; Victory starts in the DARK. The preacher started in Genesis 1 and ...... shared the fact that every singel day starts 00:01 in darkness.

And there was evening and there was morning the first day.
                                     ... evening ..... morning the second day
                                     ... evening ..... morning the third day
                                     ... evening ..... morning the forth day
                                     ... evening ..... morning the fifth day
                                     ... evening ..... morning the sixth day

In Acts 16 we see how Paul ans Silas where praying and singing about midnight.

Let´s have Victory days ..... even if it`s still looks dark. The daylight is coming soon.

6 juni 2020

Swedish National Day

Today is the National day of Sweden. 
We pray for our beloved homeland. 

And we THANK GOD for our dear wonderful Sweden. I  am greatly blessed to be Swedish.

1 juni 2020

His Word give Spirit and Life.

We look back on a very good Pentecostal day 2020 yesterday. The Worship songs, testimonies, fellowship and Anna's sermon. Everything was pointing to The word giving us Spirit and Life.  

Anna's sermon begins 44 minutes into the Facebook Live.

We are now broadcasting Facebook Live 3 times a week:
     Wednesday                    Songs
     Friday evening               Praise song and Bible study.
     Sunday morning             Worship service.

If you do not know Thai, we are grateful that you still follow and pray for the pioneering work here in Ubon-Pakse.

God Bless you. Fred