25 februari 2012

Thank you Owe & Effa ------ Welcome Johan & Sophia

We had a good farewell party today for Owe & Effa. Owe is still with us up to end of March, but now Effa and their daughter Jenny are here, so we took the opportunity. We had a very good time but we will miss you Owe; Maak Maak.

Josefin and Helen are now taking over his work.

I just spoke with Johan Mörlid, our new pastor at Bethel on Klädesholmen. Would love to be there at Klädesholmen tonight and tomorrow and welcome Johan and his wife Sophia to our home church.

Going out and Going in is not always easy, but ...... good to have the aim:

Start well - run well - end well.

16 februari 2012

People are being restored

One wonderful part of my work, is that I receive many encouraging reports from projects and individuals. Read this one;

'' My name is Javar. I am 33 years old. I was born in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. I received the Lord as my Savior six years ago. When I was a teenager, my self image was very low. People used to tease my looks. I was considered too short compared to other boys. This was painful and as I grew older I hated myself. I regretted being born and wanted to commit suicide. I started drinking and smoking to comfort myself and did not see any purpose for my life. Bad habits influenced my life and I became a very angry and pessimistic person. It seemed like everything that I did, was a failure.

Six years ago, my relative asked me to join their trip to the countryside. They needed a good driver and asked me to drive their van. They told me they were going to visit churches in the countryside. I agreed to drive. During the trip they shared the Good News with me and I decided to receive the Lord right there. Later I heard that many believers had been praying for me for many years. Because of the prayers, I started feeling God’s love and realized that my life is very valuable in God.

God has been brought healings to my heart and has been renewing my mind. Now I have a big dream in my life as a beloved son of God.

The Lord gave me a wonderful and wise wife and 2 kids. Now I am serving at Mission ministry and am also leading the Teenagers’ group in the church. My tears flow even as I think about all this and I thank the Lord for His grace. Best regards, Javar ''


I wish we could convey to all of you some of the most wonderful stories which we recieve, like this one! Ingvar

7 februari 2012

Congratulations Anna!

Congratulations ANNA on your 60th birthday. I am very happy to live with you. In December it will be 40 years since we got married. You have blessed my life. I know many people feel the same.

It is told that it was really cold and snowy on the plain of Uppsala when you were born ..... today 60 years ago. Yes, you can (surely) take many tough challenges.

Mika helped grandmother quickly this morning to blow out the candles. Anna was happy for a new camera, which she received from many friends. We had Birthday coffee at the Region Office today 09:45, but otherwise most celebration will be on Saturday in Pai.

I wrote on the congratulation card this morning: We give you not only the gospel of God ..... but also our own lives, because you have been dear to us. See 1 Thessalonians 2:8.


1 februari 2012

.........God`s own Presence.

Now we have had an intense period of many visits. Gudrun B. and Matilda H. have been here. Yesterday Owe A. ended his serivse as Region Leader and today Josefin F. and Helen R. took over this task. Today our daughter Mariam with her family came from Cambodia and today our daughter Ruth was 34 years in Sweden. CONGRATULATIONS Ruthan.

In the midst of this all, and much more, I have been thinking about 3 areas of work. I like to “chew” on scriptures or on truths .... ... along the way. What is needed?

1. I do a good job!

2. I train up others so they can do a good job!

3. I am strengthening families, churches, organizations and communities so they get an inner strength and ability to solve common problems and can be from inside a voice for change! All these 3 are needed, in right portions.

But they are not enought. We need also in all this a charisma, authority, influence, attitude, character, love, faith, hope, the Holy Spirit and ... .... God's own presence. The last months I have been using the greeting: Be Blessed from Heaven .....

I might like to give it to others, because I need to remind myself that I need a heavenly shower in the middle of my everyday life. Ingvar