28 mars 2013

A good Good Friday sermon from Chiang Mai

The Good Friday is a good day to listen to what Father God has to say to us. I was very blessed listening to Leif Hetland. I was in Ubon last Sunday and could not listen to him in Acts Church but here he is:

Be blessed from heaven ..... this Good Friday listening to Daddy`s voice. Ingvar

23 mars 2013

A Nugget

Gerda and I were walking off from the huge crowd of mostly Karen tribals worshipping the Living God, to find a restroom. Suddenly we both were overcome by the Presence of God with such power that our knees were buckling and a laughter hit us so hard. I was calling for a friend to rescue us. I knew I wasn't able to hold my frail old friend up.

God doesn't always pick the 'proper place' when He shows up.

We survived ;-). So did Jakob. Remember? What is it, with this place anyway? Why has God picked Omkoi? Because of who they are?

God is raising them up as an army full of God`s fire and love. Thanks to Leif Hetland who is equipping them 2 days in the Fathers Love. Love Anna

21 mars 2013

Good bus ride

Came east to Ubon after good 15½ hours night bus ride. Anna is right now going west to Omkoi.

We plan to move to Ubon 1st Oct 2013.

18 mars 2013

In touch with the roots

Rune Gustavsson in Aneby, Sweden has died. He was 92.
This photo is from summer 2009.
Rune has meant a lot for Anna and me since 1974 when we first came to India. His great interest for Missions were without boundaries and he was truly encouraging us ….. always. He was one step ahead of us in his mission strategy. Wherever I met him, he said: Ingvar .... I need to talk to you about ..... and we had good creative talk. Others had to wait until he has been updated with the latest News and he has shared his thought. And I was always happy to talk to him. He was so always new and "fresh".

Ones he said, I think he was 89: I will now slow down .... to full time work.

We pray that others will now take up his mission “Mantle”.

To be rooted both there and here on “the floor” and on “the grassroot level", among the people in the community is necessary and encouraging. To be a Christian minister, only stuck in the office, is a tragedy.  
                                                  The community here ------ The community there

Let`s get out where the porple are and together with the local people in Sweden and in Asia move forward Hand in Hand, Side by Side.

12 mars 2013

One heart, two eyes and the gift of love

I just came back from a village about 40 min from the city. Invited by our office assistant at the TREE, Pat, Lampuang and I visited several houses in the village. Many of them seem to be living on existence minimum. We stopped and talked and prayed with several of the villagers. Lately Pat has seen an interesting move of God in this poor place. Today one man wanted Jesus as Lord. A lady who is a medium invited us into her house to pray for her.

It started with one heart which was touched by the love of God. That touch made her eyes open to see more than her own wounded heart, and now compassion flows to those around her whom she has known her whole life, but her heart did not have the compassionate drive to do anything for them.
Who do we have around us waiting to be seen?
Love Anna

9 mars 2013

The Preistly Blessing

Anna and I are these days, almost daily, prayed/blessed this Priestly Blessing over our children and grand children. Physical and Spiritual. Ingvar

1 mars 2013

A word spoken in due season, how good it is.

I had just had a coffee break together with Ingvar and after month's of trying to be strong and supporting and encouraging, I found myself  weary and "emotional" (not a good word here at all).
Then a friend called and before she hung up(not knowing what was going on in my heart) she had a word of encouragement, reminding me of a word I had given her years ago and this good thing which had been spoken was taking place today.
Suddenly the weariness lifted off and tears of gratefulness unto the Lord just flooded my soul.
A word of refreshing like a wind from heaven.
Lord use my mouth, use my hands and my feet to bring from heaven good news to the poor, refreshing to the weary, freedom to those that are bound and hope to the hopeless.