22 december 2021

Christmas and Pioneer work

                  Jesus came to our world: Pioneer work Nr One.

Anna spent 3 month in Sweden july-sep 2021 and I was in Ubon. Now I am in Sweden 11 weeks. Anna is in Ubon. 

I came to Sweden on the 6th of Dec and will stay until the 23rd of Feb. Hope to meet you. So I am now happy to meet many different kind of people in Sweden. Anna and our brothers and sisters in Ubon-Pakse are doing very well. The work is growing.

I went to Lars and Christina Lorner on Styrsö last Thursday. Fantastic encouragement to meet and hear more about how they started the work in Prachuab. When Pioneers get older… .. they have a lot to give us who are now starting new pioneering work. Thank you Lars for your prayers for us. Your body is weak, but the spirit is most alive. 

We thank God for all the good things Pastor Boy and his wife received from Lars and the others in Prachuab.



I am very happy these 11 weeks to visit Churches, Second Hand Shops, relatives and friends. The task I felt before these weeks in Sweden was: Encourage believers in Sweden, who are tired. I like to bless and encourage.


Most People agree to good teaching and grow. But some people smile and say "All is well", but they continue in their own way of living. 

We all has got a free will. (Someone has said; God is so great that he gives us free will.) Some do not want to receive advice and guidance. They do not dare to humble themselves before God and man. They have become stuck in their own homemade pattern… which has become their identity. Their own self-image ... sits on the throne. Often this is called Narcissism.

What do you do with these? Loving them is harder than loving an enemy. But we have no right to give up loving them, even if they continue their self-centeredness the whole life.

The 2 robbers on the first Good Friday had probably had many opportunities to change their way of living. But they still chose to continue in the same way until the end of life. One humbled himself at the last second. And he was saved.

Have a blessed Christmas 2021.

Ingvar(Fred) in Sweden and Anna in Ubon

It is a great Joy to go to new pioneer areas. 

14 december 2021

Have a blessed Christmas and New Year.

We are very happy to see both 
in The Child Safe and in The Streams of Grace Church Ubon how is growing during 2021. Both "legs" are growing positively.

When we in times of disaster not are hiding in fear, but moving forward Side-by-Side - we are growing. God Bless.