28 februari 2021

Long to see you .... joy.

                               Recalling your tears, 

   I long to see you, so that I may be filled with joy. 

                                                        2 Tim 1:4

When we have pain and catastophes - we can first think that the solution is to run, close the door and to go into isolation.  

How can we help people that are hurting? Living in darkness in there. 

1. Meet them even if we must keep social distancing 

2. Invite JESUS to be in our midst.

3. Be filled with joy. God`s joy is working in all problem. The power of JESUS heals      us and give us His joy. "...The oil of joy for mourning...." Is 61:3

Have a blessed week.

Greetings from Ingvar(Fred) and Anna 

20 februari 2021

Where is the fear of God?

Shocked, at first in unbelief of what we heard, anger, grief, ashamed of the smearing of the Name of Jesus the one we represent on earth,  were some of the feelings we had last night. We had been viewing the report on one of those we would consider a man with exceptional level of wisdom- Ravi Zechariah.

After we closed the computer and tried to understand the end of a mans life, but also understand too clear the judgment awaiting him, so clearly explained by Jesus himself in Matthew 18. 

How come that one man can have so much wisdom and yet be so totally blind.

How come one can have so deep insight of the word of God, but have so little of the fear of God.

Anna and Ingvar

... to the people down there.

Worship today our living Jesus and discover that the living JESUS water always flows down to the lower parts.

And nothing, not even COVID-19, can stop this living water from finding new paths ... down to the ones at the bottom. Do not give up. Do not lock yourself inside a box. Join this JESUS movement ...... down to people.

. Ingvar (Fred)

18 februari 2021

Where do my WORDS land?

In recent days, one question has been ringing in me: "The words I create - where do they land?"                                                            

One thing is for sure: My words will become seeds in someone else's field. Please note that this is not a comprehensive Bible study om Words. However


                                         and has 3 important parts:

1.     Who speaks     the words?

2. How are the words received?

3. They will be spoken to others.

Who will speak ….

Who will speak ….

Our Church buildings, our places of worship is a wonderful place for the Word of God to be good spiritual food for us. The gospel (the good news) is flowing in these places freely. I love to meet others in the congregation.  Now in these Corona days the Church buildings (= our spiritual "restaurants") in many places are more or less closed. Many are scared to meet others and lock themselves up in a little world.

Yesterday we received a greeting from a missionary couple. Anna and I wrote a letter to them 1991. They said yesterday that even after 30 years they have kept this letter in their Bible. We do not remember what we wrote to them. Hope it was in harmony with God's Living Word.

There are 3 main types of Words:

1. Our Words can create fear in our inner world. We can even make enemies in our thought-life. Once we meet them again in reallity, we understand we are truly not enemies. 

 2. Our Words can be empty talk. We can speek empty words of facts that gives good knowledge, but not give us life or inspiration.

    3. Our Words can create life, give encouragement and build up. Good spiritual food for our Spirit, Soul and also for our Bodies.

My Learning Experiences (= my testimony) is that our walk with God gives spiritual authority. When "the elders" speak, then we listen more. I can listen to all people heart-to-heart, but I have to admit that when older people, elders speak, I expect ... something more. I am not just listening in order to cut in with a better argument in a debate. No I listen because I myself need spiritual food and wisdom.

So today I am writing this blog from the bottom of my heart. I want to share the Living Word that gives Life and inspiration. God's word lifts us up, even during these Corona days.

Words are powerful. People will listen, speak and others will listen and speak.

So where do my words land? Well near, in my home or far away in, a pioneer work field where people are living in the darkness. 

And The Spirit of God will water them... from heaven.

Ingvar (Fred) 

12 februari 2021

Joy in suffering and .....


We had blessed worship yesterday and Pastor Boy preached about Joy in suffering. Very Good. You who understand Thai and Lao:

Klick on the Steams of Grace Ubon Facebook.

The Joy of the Lord works perfect in suffering and in ..... no suffering. Rejoice in the Lord always. 

Ingvar (Fred) 

4 februari 2021

Joy for me today or....?

was blessed today by JOY.

"...... Do not sorrow, for the joy of the Lord is your strength." Neh 8:10b


I can be happy for my good past.
I can be happy in my good dream world. For the good days coming after Corona is over.

But.... can I be happy today?

JESUS have a lot of joy for me, I can revive it even today.

Happy are those who remain faithful under trials, 
because when they succeed in passing such a test, 
they will receive as their reward the life 
which God has promised to those who love him.
James 1:12
Put on good worship and rejoice in the Lord.... today.