22 juli 2016

Encounter with ....

For 2 days ago we went to Sjöviksgården. This was my (Ingvar) first visit to Anna`s spiritual birthplace. It was here, 13 years old, she received Jesus as her personal Lord.  

Anna shared with 
Vänersborg Baptistförsamling with much thankfulness and exitment what happend just here for 51 years ago. We are, these days, very happy to visit all churches and individuals. 

To have personal encounters with Father God is wonderful and important. Several with Muslim background also wanted to meet their loving Father God. They have grown up with a lots of threats and belief that God is angry with them and out to punish them.

We were encouraged yesterday by all good "roots" we have. At the same time we enjoy helping others to discover all the good the Lord has for them.

To have encounters with our living Jesus is exiting. Ingvar

12 juli 2016

Going forward

We are now in Sweden, Ingvar 2 months and Anna 3 months. Good to meet our children with families, other relatives and Churches. Thank you for praying for us. We have many open doors. 

The work is continuing in Ubon-Pakse with a wonderful team and other volunteers.  

Happy to see their dedication. Ingvar