30 november 2017

A New Bible ---- speaks

I looked in Chiang Mai for a new NKJV Bible but found a new ESV Bible. Someone says: The ESV is the most recent translation, which stands firmly in the formal equivalency tradition. It is a very solid translation in updated language that aims to reproduce the beauty of the KJV. The result is one of the most poetic and beautifully structured versions that maintains a high degree of accuracy and faithfulness to the original languages. So I bought it. 

Now I am putting away my 12 years-NKJV-Blessing with many marks 
                           and starting to ”eat” spriritual food from a fresh Word of God. 
                                                          Speak Lord – I hear. 
I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go;
I will counsel you with my eye upon you. Ps 32:8

Thank you God, that this is a Word You are speaking to me personally. But also personally to my coworkers and "my" disciples. Well I can teach them but the main teacher is God. They too are Disciples of Jesus. Can I hear God`s Word fresh as a disciple can God also speak fresh to all people of Isaan and Laos.
Anna is on a Women Retreat in Chiang Mai and I am now in Bangkok on the way to Cambodia. I will be one week with 3 grandchildren while Mariam is teaching in a seminar. Ingvar

18 november 2017


Thank you Eva, David, Greta and Eskil for your coming here. You are a blessing for Ubon-Pakse
You are welcome back and more participators…. you are also most Welcome here. You are needed.

We had a good team evening last night.  
Welcome Daniel into the team.
 Thank you all for praying and participation in different ways in the work here in Ubon-Pakse. The goal is to make movements that will spread. All are needed. Ingvar


12 november 2017

To encourage.....

I have found 4 main ways to be encouraged and to encourage others.

1. They visit us. Especially in a pioneer area we become greatly encouraged when people are visiting us. Woow. They come to me  ….. out here!

2. We visit them. Last week we visited some new churches.

Yesterday I visited a new Church (1 year old) here in Ubon. I was blessed but ….. I saw 20 new believers were much encouraged.  

Sometimes we can be afraid of entering other peoples ”world. Too often we think: We might disturb. Sometimes its good to focus:
         a) The leader of the Church. Listening to them, praying for them and blessing them.  

         b) The congregation. Preach, sing and bless the the members in the Church.                      
3. Networking. We meet in more neutral set-up. Somewhere between our different worlds” and lift up common issues. Practice the unity we have in the body of Christ. But, I have found that many dedicated servants of God are working so hard in their own work so they have no time for Networking.
4. They do the same. When I see they also bless and encourage others ..... I am most encouraged myself. 

Summary: I have found that one of the best Church Planting methods is to take time to visit others. Listening to them, read the word of God, sing together, pray for them and bless them. In order that they will also go out and do the same, is my greatest joy in life. 

Ingvar (Fred) 

6 november 2017

The assignment for us is:

Today we have been to The Immigration Office here in Ubon
 and the assignment for us from the Thai Authority is: 

                                                    1 year Work Permit and visa:
                 which says: Missionary, to teach and to spread the Christian religion.

It`s a great honor for us to recieve this Mission from God, from Swedish Churches, associations, individuals and from The Thai Authority. God's word says,  "Now then, we are ambassadors for Christ..." Woow which mission. 
If God is calling you to become His Ambassador here in Ubon Pakse. Most Welcome:

Here, we need many more Kingdom of God Ambassadors.

The Good News is that this assignment is not about us. 
It`s 100% about the Kingdom of God. 

Must say that Immigration here in Ubon is the most friendly we met. Everything just took 1 hour and 30 minutes and ... we feel honered to serve God and people in Ubon-Pakse. Ingvar (Fred)