23 juli 2018

Always-in every way-all

This verse have been speaking to me the last day. And.... I am allowing it to work in me. 

We have to "eat" the Word of God again and again like we eat food again and again. 
God bless you ..... Ingvar (Fred)

14 juli 2018

Celebration together even if......

Celebration together means a lot to me wherever I live and work. It`s true that we these days over the internet can sit at home and watch wonderful meetings and conferences from all over the world. And I am also often blessed at home putting on some good worship and some good preaching. 

But still, I need the Celebration Together with others here locally in Ubon-Pakse. Be part of the church life. … where I live and work. 1 Tim 1:12 has spoken to me:

A. How can I “fix” everything? ------------- God gives me strength.
     I give thanks to our Lord Jesus Christ. My strength.
B. How can I be good enough? ------------ God believes in me.
     For he considered me to be faithful.
C. How can I serve God and people? ---- God has hired me.
     He appointed me to do His work.

Woow .... listen and receive God's personal words to you from 1 Tim 1:12.

On Friday we had a good and blessed Pastors monthly prayer Fellowship in a church in Det Udom. Very encouraging.

Some people say:    I love Jesus but I don`t love the Church.
                    I say:    I love Jesus and I love the Church.

Have a good Sunday. Ingvar(Fred)


2 juli 2018

We are coming. Many are coming.

We are rejoicing. 
Longer: https://www.bbc.com/news/video_and_audio/headlines/44690287/thai-cave-boys-finding-them-and-getting-them-out

Shorter: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2182415251772681&id=100000126814463

We are 1074 Km from Tham Luang Cave, but when we see these pictures, we see the situation for millions of children and teens here in Isaan and southern Laos who now pray and long for freedom from living under abuse. "We are coming. Many People are coming" ... is speking to us. Ingvar