21 januari 2017

Anxiety and insecurity

The last few weeks we have heard a lot of talk about anxiety and insecurity. Party leaders and others are speaking about all the anxiety and insecurity the people of Sweden have. I will not analyze the different types of anxiety, insecurity, but just want to say two things:

a) we always have to respect person's with anxiety and insecurity. For them it is real.
b) even if it may look impossible God and people together can help us all in midst of all our worries and troubles.
Jesus says: Do not worry.

We thank you God that together with you and people there is light in the tunnel for us all. Ingvar

1 januari 2017

Steps by steps 2017

Every year we take steps forward. For us 2016 meant steps forward and upward. We are very happy for the development in the work in Ubon/Pakse 2016. Feels like it's God who's opening the ways. Welcome to cooperate in Ubon-Pakse 2017.
One of the best step-by-step sermons I heard is this. Listen 11 minutes and 30 seconds to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=37e9yeGKrrg&t=217s We feel that God also 2017 wants to take us by the hand and walk with us step by step forward and upward. We wish you all a very Happy Year 2017. Ingvar