24 februari 2010

What's your addiction?

Did you know that the shower is a good place for meditation ;-). I was preparing in my heart what to teach in the area of addiction for upcoming camp. It struck me that just now I was fighting my own addiction. Pardon me, I didn't mean to give you a fright. I have forced myself to take a short break at a hide away resort(but with internet, praise the Lord) and I found myself be addicted to people. I am in withdrawal. My mind runs for the escapes to call somebody, or invite somebody for dinner or why not come for a swim or, or, or...... Then I say to may self, NO Anna, just slow down. You do NOT need others just now, you need God. You need quietness. You need to be alone.
Yea, I have been in that ditch too. Where solitude can become an addiction. Where I just long to be alone with God as an escape. You know I could go on for ever in this subject, because anything can become addictive. But just now I am thoroughly enjoying to have time to listen to the Lord away from the stresses around me, and smell the flowers in the rose garden, take a swim and long walks, even if I am gone for only 48 hours. Love Anna

23 februari 2010

Requesting a God encounter!

When Moses was on Mount Sinai he requested : ''Please show me Your Glory.'' This coming Sunday and Monday, we the Tree of Life Ministry will serve one of the lively churches here in CM. Their new members will meet for an Encounter Camp. Several of them come from the particular tribe who make up the majority of night-bar workers here in CM. And my prayer is that all of them will have such a powerful encounter with God's love that it passes through their understanding touching the innermost parts of their being with the truth ''this is My child, whom I love very much''. Will you send in this request to the Father with us?
Love Anna

13 februari 2010

Full House, with work & Visitors

This last week we have had Full House with work and visitors. I must say I enjoy when there are many activities and many visitors, who show interst in the work. The 13 visitors right now are from the Theological Seminary in Japan called KBI.

We have many different kinds of visitors. The 2 main groups are:
a) The ones that gives more work.
b) The ones that gives more inspiration.

These 2 groups (and all between) are, as visitors to Chiang Mai, a challenge. First it can look like: only more work, but after some time we see the inspiration part growing.

To have these 13 visitors from KBI is indeed an inspiration. Some from Sweden started KBI for many years ago and now it is producing “Japanese” fruit that is a great inspiration for us and many. The Multiplication Factor has no boundaries.

If Anna and I had started a Guest Book when we got married Dec 1972 well …… it should have been 10 000:s of very interesting names by now. And …. I hope and pray that there is a multiplication factor in this as well. Ingvar

7 februari 2010

Code of Conduct and Clean Travel

I can see “the cry of the hour” on the need to have Code of Conduct for every working and educational place.
Many are these days traveling both in the work and for holidaying. We all are on a pilgrimage and there are many beautiful things to see and many wonderful people to meet. To do that a higher grade of awareness and protection is needed, these days. Every organization needs, for every employee and voluntaries, Code of Conduct. Even for Christian workers.

When I travel I take some important step to travel clean and fully accountable both in my work and in my private life:
a) I plan my journeys together with the local people.
b) I stay in places they recommend. They have my full itinerary and know who I meet. No hiding in the bushes.
c) I always immediately, after landing, buy a local SIM card for my Mobil telephone. I call my dear wife Anna and send the number to my children, my boss and to all local contacts I have.
The cry of the hour is to travel clean and fully accountable in both the work and also in the private life.
To plan a Clean & Accountable travel helps us to have a blessed journey … full of good fruit and no rotten ones. Ingvar