24 juli 2015

The road.... opens up for us ... step by step.

We have had very good days at home in Sweden, despite the weather. Now at home in Ubon. We are blessed with feeling at Home both in Sweden and in Thailand-Laos. Thank you all dear friends in Sweden for everything you have done for us this summer. 

We are happy that the work here in Ubon-Pakse also has moved forward also without us.

Interesting: When I move forward even if I do not fully see the road, others will do the same.

Together (for me - for you - and even for others) we discover that God's way ..... opens up for us ..... as we move on.


19 juli 2015

The Light of the World

In Chiang Mai the Bangkokians used to fill the streets for Songkhran, the waterfestival. To Ubon they come for the Candle festival. A celebration with roots in buddhism, in memory of Bhuddhas first sermon. It also initiates the Khao Pansa, when the monks stay in the temples for the rainy season. 
The symbols for both these festivals, the water, and the light inspires me to meditate on the true water of life, the Holy Spirit who fills us and quenches our thirst and makes us overflow to the world around us; and the Light and Truth of the world, Jesus '' I am the light of the world''. The light that overcomes the darkness, and darkness cannot comprehend it.
Isaan needs Jesus. He doesn't cheat or deceive anyone. He never lies, His light dispells darkness and the fears of darkness.
I pray the church of Isaan will rise and shine together as one big illuminated mountain (thinking of Daniel)so that the people of Isaan can see Jesus in us. And that we love God and love each other so that the world may see and believe.
Will you join with me in prayer for the people of Isaan!
Love Anna


6 juli 2015

... after a big weekend

Saturday was a great day. We went to the wedding to put Karl och Josefin in the center. But we saw clearly and very soon, that they had invited Jesus to be right in the Centre.

Lennart Strandlund and I was the wedding officiants. But we were happy that the main person doing it was Jesus himself. We met many wonderful old and new friends from different countries. 

Sunday was a family day in ED. With family and friends of Rune & Birgitta. But also with the Body of Christ in a joint worship service. It was very encouraging to re-discover all “the roots” that has blessed us through the years. When we acknowledge the roots, we can grow and produce fruit. (No roots = No fruit)

So what happens when Jesus becomes the center? Yes one thing is certain: Much more is created and happens when the love of God is the center .... and not our oun capacity to fix it all.
  • Yes, we can remember the good old days. We have many fine memories and dear friends who blessed us this weekend.
  • Yes, we can enjoy the presence of the beautiful Sweden and lovely Swedes.
  • Yes, we can go into this new summer week with ... God's love and God's creation ...... ... bigger than ourselves.

One thing is certain: The weather is not in the center for us this week. Ingvar