24 februari 2022

... so that....


ear Pastors, Missionaries and all others sharing the good news:                                                 
We are now much more needed than ever.                                              -----------------

Thank you all for the blessed 11 weeks I had with you in Sweden.                                   -----------------                                                                                                             Now I am in Bangkok. Anna vill come tomorrow and wwill have 5 days holiday together in Hua Hin.                                                                                                          -----------------

Often we think that if we have some free time, some extra strength and some money over ...  wwill help others. But the Bible speaks clearly in many places that if I put my ego in the centre, I will have much problem in life

We all have a Free Will and can choose our Lord. But if my ego becomes my master, my life will be a slavery. Freedom is to invite and follow Jesus and His plan for my life. It can sound difficult, but to follow Jesus is the best freedom I can haveLast night I flew over Russia and these words .... so that ..... became living for me.

Jesus suffered ..... to help us in our problems. And when Jesus becomes our Lord 

.... He helps us in our hardship so that .... we can help others.

 Wfind the blessings in life when we belong to God and share with each other.  

2 Co 1:3-4 Blessed .......  the Father of mercies and God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles so that we may be able to comfort those experiencing any trouble.

Job 42:10a And the Lord restored Job’s losses when he prayed for his friends.

Let him comfort us so we, these days, can comfort others. 

Ingvar (Fred)

16 februari 2022

..... channel for the glory of God even.....


Hi there everybody. We are very happy:                                                                                                   A. to see what God is doing these days.                                                                 B. tell it as a living testimony.                                                                                   C. do what we can do.

Last Sunday Service in Elim Church Skene we a blessed time. Happy to hear the worship: CHOSEN, and the sharing of Thomas L. and read from Ps 92:14-16  

..... flourish..... shall grow ..... are planted in the house of the Lord.                      ..... shall flourish in the courts of our God.                                                           ..... shall still bear fruit in old age;                                                                             ..... shall be fresh and flourishing,                                                                              To declare ....

The word came to me

 wcan Be: As a baby Blessing many, even if I do nothing Good.                    wcan Do: As adults Working hard to do many Good works. Do "meriter".          wcan Be: As an old person Blessing many without doing many good works. 

Anna wrote 220211


The spiritual development in the Streams of Grace Church is very exciting. We see something happen that we have not seen anywhere else before.

What Paul says in Ephesians 4: 15-16 is that there is a union through love, support and power of the limbs that makes the whole body grow. Not just from top to bottom but across the width.

It has taken 3 years of grace and truth, restoration and trust in building the church that is now bearing much fruit.

Maybe it's in a time such as this…. even globally.

We are growing. And we are challenged by both the lives of newborns and some lost sons and daughters who have returned with much in their ”luggage”. But there is life and love in the 'body' and we a all happy to serve together.


Anna and I are living in 2 world.

A Issan-Lao world: with around 30 million people. People here are respecting the older people and are crying for Spiritual parents.

A western world: with 10 million people here in Sweden. People here in Sweden are happy for all God is doing in Isaan-Laos, but they are often asking us: "When will you stop working"?

When we share that from 1 Oct 2013 we came to Ubon-Pakse, we started from the beginning to train others, who can train others, who can train other etc ........ And, the people are happy to hear this. 

Many in Laos and Thailand do not have Spiritual Parents. So they are very happy we are that for them.

God Bless Ingvar(Fred)